Vocabulary Words That You Need To Know

Just like the world we live in, the escorting world is also full of slang terms or common phrases that client needs to know. There are several reasons why one must know these terms and the most significant amongst them all is to understand the world of Elite London Escorts in a much more detailed perspective. Also, if an escort model tries to make a conversation with you, you will not get lost in the jargon.

Some of these vocabulary terms that you must know by heart are the following but not limited to:

  1. Agency – these are the known organizations, companies or individuals that manage doing business with escorts London. They are the ones responsible for taking appointments, calls, advertising services and all others.
  2. Around the world – this is a slang term used to denote a type of sensual pleasure. More commonly it is known in the layman’s term as oral sex.
  3. Attempts – other than its lexical meaning of “to make an effort or to achieve something”, in the escort world attempt means to reach orgasm. This is very helpful especially when conversing a girl in the public and trying to figure out how many orgasms can she do or will she allow.
  4. Bag – no this is not your ordinary garment, this term refers to the use of condom. Commonly you will hear this expression along with other terms such as BJ in a bag, sex with a bag, bring a bag, and all others. When you hear the word bag, it means condom.
  5. Baja Sur – having a direct meaning of low south, this Spanish word means genitals that apply for both men and women.
  6. Crime scene action – this expression means having a sexual activity during your escort menstrual period.

Now that you know some of the most commonly used vocabulary terms in escorts London, booking a date with them would mean a smooth sailing experience. Don’t be afraid to converse with escort London models, since you are already adept with these terms, talking to them equals to excitement.


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