What Makes a Good Escort Service Client?

Escort models are also human beings, and they appreciate it when clients treat them well. This is true for girls who work as an independent model, as well as for those who works under an escort agency.  Being a good client will make your time spent together a worth remembering one.


There are a lot of things to consider if you want to become a good escort service client. Here are some tips:


•       A good client recognizes that an escort model is an individual. A good escort service client is a man who knows that even though he is paying for a companion, the model deserves respect as a human being. Men should not only see companion models as a commodity, or perhaps a paid service which can just be ignored, or not treated well.


•      A good client pays correctly, based on what is agreed upon. Many escorts ask for upfront payment. Good clients understand this rule, and respect the way she handles her business. If payment is paid at the end, there should be no fuss in handling the amount. No further negotiations.


•      A good client is clean. True, most clients meet up with escort models at the end of a very long day. They may come from their offices, or even from a trip. Being busy is not a reason for being unclean. Most meet up locations have shower facilities that the client can use. It is one way to show being polite as a client.


•      A good client understands the boundaries and limitations set by the escort model. Some escort models have preferences, and they do not go all the way. This fact should be understood by any client. Bribing will not work in this regard, especially if the model is a professional one.


•      A good client respects the time of an escort model. This means that the client arrives at the meeting place on time, and does not waste a model’s time by rescheduling and cancellations of appointments. A good client also does not ask for an unpaid extension, since the model may still have further appointments.


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