Why a financial consultancy is helping a London Escort with her Finances

Most of us could do with a little financial advice from a professional from time to time. Even if we are not high earners with a lot of property and money in the bank, a little advice every now and then can help us to manage our finances better, resulting in us having more cash available to use. Financial advice can be costly though, meaning that for many people it is not a feasible option.

D Leon Tax, however, are trialling an initiative where they are providing advice to those that cannot afford it in the present in the hope that the client will be able to pay in the future. A London escort is one individual that has been selected as a case for the project.


London Escorts Finances

A Worthy Investment

While it is understandable that any financial advisor would be reluctant to lend their expertise without promise of payment, D Leon Tax suspects that such an approach could be causing them to miss out on a lot of potentially lucrative business. Simon Williams, a financial advisor with the firm, said: “Although a person may not be in the financial position to afford professional advice at the moment, that does not mean to say that they won’t be able to in the not too distant future”. “It might even be that with a little advice, the client can make more money available to them almost immediately, meaning that they can repay us sooner than expected.” He continued: “It’s a relationship that can be beneficial for both parties: the client has more money available to them, and we benefit from a fee for our services.”

Mr. Williams did exercise the need for caution however as a sensible approach to the scheme will be required if it is to be successful. “Unfortunately, it is likely that there will be little to no potential to many cases and the project will fail if we are not careful”. He added: “We need to look at it case by case and work with people when we see some potential there”.
Improving Lives.

Janice, a London escort that has received financial advice from D Leon Tax, has said that her life has improved significantly since being advised by them. “I had some loans that meant I had to pay out a lot in repayments each month”, she said. “After some advice from Simon, I was able to take out a loan that repaid all the existing loans so I was left with a single payment to make each month that is less than what I was paying previously”.

“Meeting my monthly bills is so much easier for me now”, she continued. “D Leon Tax also arranged it so that I could afford to repay them for their services while still having more money left to myself than before I met them”. “Things are so much less stressful now that I can meet my bills more comfortably, she added”, “I am so pleased that I met with Simon”.

A Promising Start

Simon Williams told us that while not everything had gone smoothly, the early signs have given good reason to be confident that the initiative would be a success. “Not all cases have turned out how we had hoped”, he said. “But it should be expected that there will be an element of trial and error as we get to grips with the project”. “On the whole the early signs are very promising indeed”, he added.

London escort Janice showed her appreciation for the assistance she has received and hopes that others will benefit from it in the future. “I can’t put into words just how grateful I am to Simon and D Leon Tax”, she said. “I hope that in the future many more peoples’ lives will also be improved by financial advice from professionals”


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