Young versus Old Escorts

When we hear the words escorts, what comes to our mind first are fresh girls oozing with sex appeal and stunning beauty. We always tend to associate this slang word for young, fledgling adolescent girls. However, the escorting world is not all about young girls, old models are still present in the industry.

Although, we have to correct the wrong notion that old companion girls are those entering the age of 40’s. Old escorts are middle aged women ranging from 30 to 35 years old. Escorts model that belongs to this group aren’t that old, it’s just this is the term mostly associated with them.

Most high class clients’ wants a fresh new girl as their date but there are also guests whose heart belongs to the middle aged escorts. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring young or old escorts? Read on to this article.

Young Escorts:

– These girls are very fresh, developing and have a body that is sizzling hot
– They are outgoing persons that are adventurous and ready to try on everything
– In terms of physical beauty young models are preferred by most men
– They can also be demanding at times
– Most of them have tons of capricious attitude
– Endurance wise they are always read to fight

Old Escorts:

– They are not that old, age ranges from 30-35
– They are mature girls and more experienced
– They are willing to do everything under the sun
– They talk about things discretely
– They are more knowledgeable in terms of sensual pleasure
– Most old models doesn’t look that attractive when compared to young girls
– Signs of aging might be apparent on some of them

With the facts given above, you will see that hiring both old and young London escorts model have its own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to which escort girl to hire, the sole decision lies on your needs as well as wants.


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