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Learn how elite busty and blonde escorts look at gambling as a new career

Gaming in London is big business nowadays, with elite titles potentially making many millions in profit for their developers. The technology has advanced considerably since the days of playing tennis as a green square crossing a black screen to be met by a green line representing the tennis racket.


Nowadays the balls look like balls, the tennis rackets look like rackets, and the players look almost like real people. The technology look set to advance even further as well with virtual reality gradually becoming mainstream and graphics becoming increasingly realistic. Elite City Escorts are poised to use the same technology. 


Such is the popularity of gaming and the revenue streams involved that those that excel at the games are finding that they can make a career from it, much like sports stars. Not only can elite prizes allow making a lot of money, but sponsorship deals can also be very lucrative. Not so long ago you would likely have been scoffed at if suggesting that somebody could make a living out of playing games, nowadays however it is very much a reality.



No Barriers.


One advantage of the gaming industry to many is that there are no barriers regarding who can play. If you are good enough at gaming, then you can make a career of it regardless of who you are. It is also relatively inexpensive to get involved in as all that is needed is a reasonably modern computer and an internet connection. Plus, of course, there is little to no risk of injury and can even be practised from the comfort of your own home.


Janice, an escort that works with PalaceVIP, has found that she has the skills to compete with some of the best gamers. So, she is looking to make a career out of it. While she still needs to continue with her job as an escort in London, for now at least, Janice is looking to make the breakthrough and win her first big money prize within the next few months that could help her give up her job with


Good Start.


“I’ve always been god at gaming”, Janice said. “I have three brothers and used to play against them all the time, and I would usually win”. She added, “I’d never really thought of taking it seriously until one of my brothers suggested that I enter a competition, which I came 3rd in”. “I didn’t win any money, but I did win a high-spec graphics card, and it made me realise that maybe I could make a living from it”.

“I have since won some cash prizes but nothing major yet”, she continued. “The gamers at the top take it very seriously with hours of practice daily and even studying hard at map knowledge and strategy”. “It’s a bit of an adjustment between playing for fun and playing to win money, but I’m not far off now”. “I’ve entered some upcoming competitions and am quite confident of winning some serious money”.


A Tool for Socialising. 


While many admonish gaming as something that is unsociable and unhealthy, the reality can be quite the opposite. Many top gamers join up with other players to create teams, and this in itself creates an opportunity for busty escort hotties to socialise with the other brunette and blonde escorts. What’s more, is that top gamers tend to keep physically fit as well because fitness helps to maintain the speed of thought and reaction times. 


Then, of course, there’s the money. Successful gamers really can become quite wealthy escorts indeed too!