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ESCORT KING PIN EXPOSED – SEX Escort TRAFFICKERS and Immigration Fraud Rife in WhatsApp Escort Groups

EXPOSED – SEX TRAFFICKERS and Immigration Fraud Rife IN APP’s


International ESCORT Sex Trafficker list on numbers for 2020

June 2020


This list will be updated from time to time when the Sex Traffickers change their numbers. We have access to the groups where these illegal activities are conducted each day. Most groups are engaged in legal behavior and are supportive of escorts as best as they can. Many girls and group owners in WhatsApp and Telegram are against these Sex Traffickers because they engage in a daily activity of bullying and abuse and threats.


But inside, many of these groups are some of the most significant international sex traffickers in the world. The crimes of these traffickers are not just related to the illegal exploitation of girls, where the laws of the countries are forbidden for escort work. 


They extend further to include:


- massive immigration and VISA fraud, encouraged by promises of when you get to New York, don’t worry, Ill give you bookings.


The request includes but is not limited to: Working in France and the USA without a work permit. The main instigators of these international crimes are listed in this news article.


THESE SEX GROUPS are unregulated. These Sex Traffickers are unregulated.  They roam the WhatsApp and Telegram groups, grooming girls and compiling databases of thousands of girls. Because there is no watchdog monitoring their actions, they have become a lawless community where the bullies form gangs as they do in Russia to win together, as gangs of like-minded criminals. Girls are shared across the sex traffickers, and commissions split.


ESCORT agencies are not the same as these Dark App sex traffickers. Escort agencies are informally or formally monitored by local law enforcement. Sometimes on a casual visit or a phone call. Or even a response to a call for help. 


These escort traffickers have no monitoring. No regulation. The claimed self-regulation of the groups is fake. The gangs of escort trafficker bullies have become completely interwoven, as the owners, managers, and admin-level status of hundreds and even thousands of such groups. They are culminating with hundreds of thousands and possibly even millions of girls travelling the world seeking illegal work instead of a natural and healthy career. 


The various levels of responsibility ultimately are purposed for the jobs of bringing more, fresher, young and pretty girls into the groups where they can be groomed in private sessions and brainwashed into thinking that it’s an easy path and a glamorous one and a rewarding one.


And there is nothing wrong with international sex trafficking. “As long as you consent to it.. you're doing nothing wrong”. This lie is repeated over and over again by the sex traffickers. Quite possibly, they believe it themselves too.


There are multiple Motivations for publishing the numbers of these sex traffickers. The main one is that they are misreading girls and destroying their chances to be healthy. Also, we just don’t like them.


To all ESCORT GIRLS – Remove the following sex escort trafficker numbers from your phones. Change your numbers, and do not contact these sex traffickers. Immigration can check your phones, and if the sex traffickers' numbers are there, they will understand what you are are doing and stop you.


The following list of numbers for the most popular international sex traffickers across the following continents: NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE, ASIA


The prefixes of the numbers can be considered. +44 for the UK unless otherwise specified.




7999341144             +79637896108         7570707575