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One escort getting her hands dirty beneath the hood, and making a sensation of it

The world of car mechanics has traditionally been one that is primarily occupied by men. Even today you are unlikely to find a woman fixing cars, with men nearly always the ones donning blue overalls and with their head under a hood. And this is partly because physical strength is considered necessary in mechanics and men are generally more reliable than women. However, it is mostly also down to social expectations and perhaps even a little misogyny. The proof here is that an elite London escort has world-class skills in car mechanics. He name is  Debbie.


Many smaller men also do just fine as a car mechanic though so physical strength is not necessarily something that will hold a person back much, if at all. In reality, there should be no reason why a woman cannot be just as proficient and thriving as a car mechanic as a man can. 


Women can be just as capable as men where mechanics are concerned and is even working on some high-performance vehicles. Debbie, 35, has worked as an escort for 12 years, although during that time she has also pursued other interest. What started as a little research to get her old car working has developed into a passion, and she now knows enough about mechanics to be able to call herself an expert.



A Money-Saving Exercise


“I had a problem with my old Golf; it just wouldn’t start”, she said. “I asked somebody to come and have a look, and they gave me a quote that I just couldn’t afford”, she added. “I couldn’t do without the car though so I had to do something, which I do it myself”. “I had a look online as I remembered a couple of things that the mechanic said and pretty quickly I was reading up on how to fix the problem”. “I found it was a lot easier than I expected it to be”, she said. “I was quite pleased with myself.” 


Debbie, still working as an escort, went back online to read more and found that she was more interested in how car engines and parts work than she thought she would be. Over some time she made a series of repairs and improvements to her Golf, before selling it to help raise money for a new car.


Such were the improvements she made that she was able to sell it for considerably more than she would have otherwise. Debbie then set about customising her new car with enhancements. 


High-Performance Maintenance by high-performance. 


When a friend of Debbie’s had a problem with her car, Debbie said that she would take a look at it. The vehicle in question was a 2009 Corvette ZR 1. Working on such a high-performance vehicle meant that Debbie had to do a lot more research, but it wasn’t long before she had it working correctly again. Such was the success that Debbie found more opportunities to work on high-performance cars as she gains reputation over a while by doing a great job. 


In the meantime, Debbie also helps out her fellow escorts & models when their cars need repairs and maintenance, at a cost that is affordable to them. There are even a few sexy girls driving around the city that would not look out-of-place in a showroom, thanks to Debbie’s help.