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Holiday of a Lifetime in the Company of Escorts

Most London escorts 24/7, work hard 365 days in a year and 24/7, every day. And now and then we need a break. Depending on our personal preferences, a break will often come in the form of a holiday to another country, and a location such as Valencia in Spain is often prevalent. When people go on holiday, they generally do so with friends or family, but that’s not always so easy for everybody.


Some don’t have a close family or friends, or perhaps those close to them are simply unable to make it. So, this could mean going alone, or not going at all, or you could choose to go with a stunning escort as your companion for the duration. are considering offering package escort tours for their clients so that they can get to enjoy a dream holiday with a beautiful companion by their side 24/7. They hope that in doing so, they will raise their profile and encourage others to use their services in the future. It is an idea that is very exciting to the agency’s clients, and the escorts that work for them.

Adding Diversity to the Business.

“We got the idea when one of our busty escorts invited me to join one of her clients on holiday to Spain”, said a spokesman for the agency. “She agreed and had a wonderful time. It’s not often that your job involves going on all expenses paid 5-star holidays”, she added. “We thought that there are probably quite a few people that would like a companion to join them on holiday, so why not offer it as a service?” “We’ve made some initial enquiries, and the initial response had been very positive”.

“We have been looking at some ideas on how to diversify our business for some time”, she said. “By adding some diversity, we can generate additional revenue streams while also making us more adaptable to market changes”. “By diversifying we hope to provide security for the business and the jobs of our escorts long into the future”, she concluded. 


A Great Opportunity

Anne, an escort with PalaceVIP, said “When I became one of the escorts, I had no idea at the time that it could involve accompanying clients on luxury holidays abroad”, she said. “Some of my clients are wonderful people, and it would be nice to spend a week or two away with them.” “Spain sounds nice, but to be honest, I’ll be grateful for the opportunity to see any part of the world. 

The agency is in negotiations with holiday companies to see if they can agree on a good deal to make the idea worthwhile to them financially. There is also the concern that taking on the organisation of package holidays could become a management headache, although people experienced in the business could be employed to help with this.


If the plans do go ahead, it promises to be an exciting & romantic time not only for the agency but also for all the blonde and brunette girls that are working for them.