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Adding an escort to your reservations can make your London vacation very enjoyable

London is a vast and very vibrant city, so there is so much for visitors to see and do. Many of the city’s iconic landmarks are famous the world over, and people come from overseas in their millions to see the sights and take in everything else the city has to offer. Visitors will often hire the services of tour guides and escorts to help them understand the best views of the city, although this can tend to mean they have moved around with large crowds of other people, which is something that many people are not keen. 


For a better way to see the city, away from the crowds, would be to hire a personal tour guide that knows the city well. Not only can you set a personalised itinerary just for you, but you can also get to see some of the sights that are off the beaten track. You could hire the services of a professional tour guide to show you around the city, but there is another option as well. You may think about hiring the services of an escort for a tour of the town for a personal, and perhaps intimate trip.



A Fun Tour. 


Sarah, a 25-year-old busty young escort that comes from London, says that she just loves the opportunity to show people around the city and tries to make sure that they have as much fun as possible. As a proud Londoner, she knows the city well and can give a lot of historical information, as well as a good time. 


“I still love visiting the main attractions myself so to do it as a job is perfect for me”, she said. “I learned a lot about them in school and through reading so I can tell you a thing or two about the main attractions as well”, Sarah added. “Of course I try to make it as fun as possible as well, and my client and I do usually get to have a good laugh”, she said.


Almost Like Running a Tour Agency.


A spokesperson for said that at times, running the agency was almost like running a tour guide business, with clients calling in asking for petite escorts that can show them the sights. “We get quite a few calls coming in from clients asking for tours of the city”, she said. “It’s a good thing that we have some local girls that know the city well”, she added. “The part of the job comes naturally to them”. She concluded.


As well giving a personalised guided tour around the main attractions such as Big Ben and The London Eye, a slim party escort is also perhaps one of the best guides to provide a tour of the city at night. Naughty escorts tend to know the city’s nightlife spots quite well. So are ideal for showing somebody around the best venues.


Hire a professional tour guide, and you get a tour of the city’s main attractions. Hire a hot young party escort as a guide, and you get a tour of any part of the city that you would like to see.