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Why are gaming products about girls, are really bad for kids

“Back in my day we played outside in London, where there’s lots of fresh air” – it’s a commonly heard criticism against computers and gaming in general as a perceived threat against the health and well-being of the younger generations. While it is true that sitting in front of a computer screen or TV all day long is not likely to be good for a child’s health and development, gaming in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. As it happens, gaming can even aid a child’s development if done in moderation.


Many modern computer games involve problem solving, helping to stimulate the child’s mind by getting them thinking. Many games, particularly those made specifically for children, can also be educational and provide a fun way for children to learn new things. Games can also help to enhance a child’s reactions both physically and mentally as they have to react quickly to changes and scenarios within the game. In addition, many games also require the need to be able to organise well, something that can definitely be useful later in life. 



Many that admonish gaming as a wholly negative thing also tend to claim that it is unsociable, with children often playing alone. As it happens, quite the opposite is often true as many games encourage socialising, albeit online. Many games encourage people to team up and work together to overcome the opposition or beat a particular level. This helps with communication skills and learning how to work as part of a team, games can even help develop team management skills if there is a need for somebody to call the shots.  


Gaming also often encourages people to meet up in person, whether to play together or to attend various events that are often held by production companies and promoters. Children that are not particularly adept at physical sports such as football might normally not get the opportunity to join in, but gaming will offer something that just about anybody can get involved with. 


In Moderation. 


Although there are plenty of positives associated with gaming, it is true that it can be negative if games about escorts are not played in moderation. Children do need physical exercise if they are to develop well so they should be encouraged to go outside and play for a while at least. A child’s schooling is also very important and should always be a priority over everything else, with homework being done before any games being played.


It is also important to make sure that children eat properly when gaming because they can get engrossed in the game and not be concerned about food. Sleeping at appropriate hours is also something to be watched as it can be all too easy to forget the time and end up not getting enough sleep. 


Future Prospects.


Not only can gaming help children to develop positively, but it can also have a more direct positive impact on their future. As the gaming industry continues to expand, skilled gamers and others associated with the industry are finding that there is a good livelihood to be made in the business. 


If your children are playing a lot of games then it would be wise to take a sensible approach and make sure that other important aspects of the health and development are not neglected, but remember also that there are some positives to be had. Play it right and gaming could be an ideal complement to any child’s development.