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It's possible to keep fit and meet new people at the Basingstoke Bowls club


Work tends to dominate our lives in London so much nowadays that everything else can become neglected, no matter how important it may be. We can work ourselves to the bone to the point where our mental and physical health can suffer even though both are essential to our well-being. Also, if we do manage to find the time to take care of our physical health, it can then be even harder to find the time to socialise and relax, or vice-versa. 


The Basingstoke Bowl’s club has made a new strategy for escorts in London. Both social and sporting facilities in the same complex and members get to use them both. Having both social and sporting facilities under one roof means that members get to kill two birds with one stone because while they take care of their physical health, they also get to socialise with other people. 


Such facilities are a god-send to anybody that lives a hectic lifestyle with little time to cram in activities. Having an alternative to staying at the office can also help to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle rather than spending extra hours in an office.



All Are Welcome.


Basingstoke Bowl’s club strives to maintain a policy that encourages memberships from all walks of life and not just the stereotypical sporting types. That means escorts too. Its good news. The club aims to stay open later than many other sports clubs to cater to professionals that might struggle to attend during average operating others, as well as warehouse or factory workers that work on shifts.


The club is also welcoming to people of all ages and abilities, with schedules devised for unfit people looking to get in shape, or the infirm looking to maintain their health the best they can. Events are also arranged with Member’s differing abilities in mind so that everybody can join in with nobody feeling as though they are out of their depth. 


Raising Mental Health Awareness.


The club also aims to use its facilities and membership to help combat mental health issues by helping to raise awareness for them. While the club can help directly by offering their facilities to people that might be at risk such as overworked professionals, it also hopes to hold charity and awareness-raising events that help people to understand mental health issues more comprehensively. 


One of the biggest problems with mental health is that it often goes unnoticed until it is too late. The team at Basingstoke sports club intends to help people to recognise the signs early to get professional assistance on time. 


Pop in and Say Hello. 


If you quite like to idea of joining sports and social club but are unsure if it is for you, then why not pop in for a chat? The friendly team will be more than happy to show you around so that you can see the facilities and there’s also likely to be a few members that will be willing to have a chat. 


If you are unsure about the cost of the membership then maybe the club can come up with something affordable to you and help you to make the most of the facilities.