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Keep close to them 24/7, know what the stars are wearing

The latest London fashions depend on the people that are in the limelight the most. If an escort superstar is wearing a specific style of dress, then she could spark a fad in the industry. It is the stars that are likely to be trendsetters rather than trend followers. For them, being seen in something different is decisive for their image. Elite busty escorts who are stars make a lot of money, and they can often afford to be daring in what they wear, whereas other more average call girls might need to be cautious. 



So, this is the reason why it is wise to keep up with what the stars are wearing. So, this is an excellent way of keeping ahead of trends, helping you to remain at the forefront of fashion. At the elite London agency PalaceVIP, we aim to help you to do just that.


Being There When it Happens


PalaceVIP aims to be there at events and occasions to help you keep up to date. Whether it is events in London, elsewhere in the UK or even overseas, we aim to be there. Our network of hottie escort reporters and correspondents spreads far and wide. If something of significance happens, you can be confident that we will be there to cover it. 


Reviews and Commentary


Our young escort team brings you the latest commentary on what the London escort superstars are wearing, and what’s likely to be a hit. Follow us, and you could be donning the latest fashion even before it is mainstream. You will get to turn heads and be known as somebody that knows what to wear. We will also keep you informed of outlets, and you can go shopping before the rush. 


As always, we aim to be your first port of call when it comes to the world of beauty and fashion. Follow us, and you will need to follow no other hot escort source.