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A Los Angeles based construction company working with an escort

Doing business overseas while simultaneously working as an elite London escort can be tricky at times, even if the country you’re doing business in does share the same language as you do. There are different rules and regulations to be taken into account, and you are unlikely to know other people well, plus of course, there’s the travelling to take into consideration.


So, this can make it challenging to manage the business as you may often not be there yourself, and it is not always easy to find somebody that can look after your interests for you.


One Los Angeles construction company that is looking to do business in Britain, however, has found a business ally in a London based Chelsea escort.



Sercelik Construction, based in Los Angeles, had been struggling to maintain a presence in the country and was considering withdrawing altogether until the CEO had a timely meeting with Allison. An escort for five years happened to know quite a bit about the construction industry and proved to be a valuable business partner.


Close to Quitting.


Scott, the Sercelik Construction company CEO, had been trying to get established in the UK but was close to quitting. The expense and time spent on travelling were becoming too much to handle, and he was finding that he was missing out on opportunities because he was often unable to be in the UK when opportunities arose. Finding affordable yet capable staff was proving to be difficult, and Scott was close to deciding that he should give up until they met Allison one evening.


It turned out that Allison’s father was in the construction industry, and Allison had learned a great deal about the industry as a result. When speaking with Allison about the industry, it was clear that she knew what she was talking about and that Scott could put his confidence in her when it came to business matters. It has become a relationship that promises to be fruitful for both parties for long into the future. 


An Ideal Partnership.


While Scott was struggling to find an affordable yet competent assistant, Allison was struggling to find a suitable position within the construction industry and wanted to become independent from her father. In the meantime, she had started working as an escort to help pay the bills. Despite her experience and credentials, Allison was finding it difficult to get her to break in the industry. Also, he was beginning to think that it wasn’t going to work for her. Until then, she met Scott.


To get the break she so desired, Allison was willing to work for less, albeit with excellent bonuses for good performance. It helps that she is a part-time high-class escort making large sums of cash each night. Alison got the job she wanted which would be financially rewarding if she did well, while Scott was able to hire somebody competent at the position while reducing his financial risk if things didn’t work out. 


So far, business is flourishing in the UK for Sercelik Construction, and Allison is getting paid well for a job she loves doing. Meanwhile, the other construction companies that didn’t give Allison her break are beginning to regret not doing so.