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How to Make a Reliable Second Income with used IPods

Technology for Elite London Escorts is always advancing, and whenever you invest in the latest tech, you can be sure that it won’t be too long before a newer, better version is released. Some people eagerly look forward to the latest tech releases, while others get frustrated that their investments become outdated all too quickly. Whether we like it or not, the advance in technology does not look like slowing down, and we have little choice but to accept it. 


That technology is continually evolving is a good thing for manufacturers and retailers as there is always something new to sell, and escorts that want to buy new things. So, this helps to boost profits considerably, and manufacturers are often accused of profiteering when a new release is deemed unnecessary. While some might be critical of the policy though, one escort is taking advantage of it. 



Spotting an Opportunity.


One London entrepreneur who has spotted an opportunity to make the most of continually evolving tech is Claire, a 27-year-old London escort. Although a keen IPod user herself, Claire was not one to continually chase the latest versions of the same device and was content to stay with her ‘outdated’ model instead. She found it odd that so many people were willing to discard their old models when a new one was released and realised that there was an opportunity to make a profit from it.


“I once asked a friend of mine what she did with her old IPods, and she told me that she just put them in a draw”, said Claire. “She showed me the drawer, and there were three perfectly good IPods in there with not a scratch on them”. “My friend agreed to sell them to me for a small price, after all, they were only going to sit in the drawer doing nothing otherwise”. “I was then able to sell them on to other people at a good profit”, she added.


Expanding the Business. 


Claire continued: “I started asking around among other escorts that were into IPods and found other people that were willing to sell me their old models for a small amount”. “I also put an ad in the paper from which I had a great response, and it wasn’t long before I was making some decent money”. She continued “I had to do some research into the different models and what they were worth, but it was time very well spent”.


Not only is Claire’s wheeling and dealing profitably to her, but it is also helping other escorts with restricted budgets to be able to afford IPod products and accessories better. “They might not be the latest models, but there is nothing wrong with them at all”. “They work just as well as the newer, more expensive models”, she said. “The older ones might be missing a particular function or perhaps have less memory storage, but other than that it’s difficult to tell them apart”.


Due to her early success, also a busty London escort, Claire is rethinking her career options. She is an active member of the iPod marketplace, and she always has some great deals on used models. She is also always looking to take your old models from you if you are willing, perhaps helping you to raise some cash so you can buy one of the latest versions yourself.