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7 Secrets They Don't Want You to Know!

24/7 escort preparing her food

Do you wonder what 24/7 London escorts do while they are not working? What do they do after work? Where do they hang out? This article is created to give our customers a sneak pick of what elite girls do while at home. Keep in mind that this information has never being revealed until now. Some of the girls might not want this information made public.

7 Things Call Girls Secretly Do at Home

1. They Stay Naked While at Home

Yes, that shy but sweet and elite london escort you just had a dinner date with stays naked each time she is at home. I do not mean that she wears lingerie, no; she is in her birthday suit watching a romantic Mexican soap opera. If it is cold, then she may wear a baggy T-shirt with no shorts.

2. She Has a Yoga Session While Naked

I bet you did not see this coming. Did you know most girls prefer a yoga session in their birthday suit. It makes them more relaxed with little or no restrictions.  This perhaps explains why they never like to stay with a roommate.

3. Makeup Is Driving Her Mad

Every busty young escort wants to have a perfect dinner date. Before the date, she is most likely trying out different shades to know which to apply and which to avoid. Before she arrives for the dinner date, the girl is probably cursing as she keeps reapplying her makeup. “The foundation is too much argh!” Once she removes a bit of the foundation, “This is not enough!”

4. She Curses the Laundry Days

Most high class london escorts prefer not to work on Saturday because they dedicate that day for laundry. If you call her on Saturday, the phone will most probably go unanswered until 3 pm. This is because of the hundreds of clothes she has bought in the past few months.

5 She Cries While Watching a Movie

On a Saturday evening, after an elite london escort has spent hours cleaning her house and doing her laundry, she will sit down and watch an emotional film. The film will most probably entail two young london escort lovers from different religions who fall in love. However, their parents are against the marriage due to their high class religious backgrounds. The movie ends while the man or the woman gets killed and the other commits suicide because she/he cannot live without the partner.

It is at this point that the young russian escort starts to cry while tightly holding her pillow, cursing why they had to die.

6. Sleeps, Eats and Drinks Instagram

These are the kind of escort girls who cannot live without their favourite social media app; Instagram. These escorts are addicted to the app, 24/7. Depending on the kind of girl you are dating, others use it to spy on other girls while others want to advertise their vocals to their followers.

7. She Eats for Two

That 24/7 elite girl that you took out for dinner and did not finish her plate is messing with you. At home, she will eat two full plates and still order a bottle of beer before she goes to sleep.