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Chelsea escorts of PalaceVIP are falling in love with Valencia.

The world is an amazingly clear place, and travellers get to experience many different things according to where they go. Some people love the outdoors and will gladly spend their time trekking through the thick jungle while others mainly just want to party in between relaxing on a tropical beach. Others prefer to immerse themselves in splendour and history by visiting ancient ruins or historical cities. 



If history and grand cities are your things, then Europe has plenty to choose from, and Spain has one of the richest and noblest histories of all. As such, the Spanish city of Valencia is steeped in tradition and attracts many visitors from across the globe. One group of Chelsea escorts from elite agency PalaceVIP, have fallen in love with the city so much that it has become like a second home for them. They visit the town on every given opportunity. 


A Chance Visit. 


For example, 25-year-old busty escort Susan hadn’t intended to visit Valencia but happened upon the visit purely by chance. “I was thinking more of somewhere further South or maybe even Portugal”, said Susan. “I hadn’t thought of Valencia, but I found a great deal on flights and accommodation”. “Prices everywhere else were so much more expensive, so I didn’t have a choice, but I’m so glad I went there now”, she added.


Much of what Susan found most attractive about Valencia was the mix of modern architecture alongside the old buildings that help to give the town so much character and help to make the city a beautiful place. “It is amazing”, said Susan. “No matter where you go, there is a scene that would not look out of place on a postcard,” she said.


Learning the Lingo. 


Susan says that in between working hard at her job as a hot famous escort, she takes as much time as she can to try and learn Spanish. “I want to spend more time away from the tourist traps as the city has so much more to offer”, she said.


“This often means meeting people that don’t speak English well, so I am learning to speak their language instead”. “I have some books and audio tapes that I listen to in the car on my way to work and back”, she added”. “I’m getting there”, she said. “I’m not quite fluent yet, but I can still make myself reasonably well understood.”


Susan hopes that maybe one day she will be able to move to Valencia permanently and leave her London job as a 24/7 brunette escort. But first needs to be able to find a way to support herself there. “I’m working hard in my current job, to save what I can”, she said. “I like the idea of having my very own restaurant, but I have quite a lot more saving to do first”.