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America’s West is often associated with Stetson-wearing cowboys and cowgirls rounding up cattle on horseback in vast ranches. Such a rustic and unique way of life has helped to create a culture that attracts many people. Country and western music is hugely popular not only in America’s rural West region but also worldwide. At the same time, unique and thrilling sports such as rodeo are an attraction that brings many the part.



One sport associated with the region is cutting which, unsurprisingly, is an equestrian based sport. It is a display of skill of the horse and rider in rounding up cattle, with the winners decided by a panel of judges. The best are superstars in their own right with fame and the potential for considerable wealth. One of the latest upcoming stars comes from quite an unexpected background. 


A Rising Star from London. 


London’s East End may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Western superstars, but that’s exactly where the latest rising star come into being. Jenny, a 27-year-old former London escort who has called the city home all her life is putting in some eye-brow raising performances that have many in the sport quite excited. In a game that is dominated by men, Jenny is turning out to be a marketer’s dream. 


In addition to her sublime horse-handling skills, Jenny’s great looks are also helping to make her so easily marketable along with one key ingredient: Her thick London accent and contrasting quite clearly with the American country accent shared by the likes of Dolly Parton. 


Jenny’s accent is alluring her to advertising companies and sponsorship deals that are helping to make her a superstar in the region. Jenny has already become somewhat of a household name to people from all walks of life. 


A skilled elite equestrian.


To those that know Jenny, it’s no great surprise that she has shown such skill in the saddle. Before the death of her father, she would take horse riding lessons regularly, which ignited a passion that remains with her till this day. Although her father’s death meant that horse riding generally became too expensive for her, she would still save for an opportunity to get in the saddle whenever possible.


It was while on holiday a few years ago in America that a rodeo star noticed Jenny’s skills and recognised the potential talent she had as an elite star. The rodeo star then took Jenny on board, providing all necessary training and equipment.


Funding has been provided to her so that she can able to quit her job as an escort and move to America, where she could embark upon a new and very different career.