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Our Russian escort agency that wants to become an organizer

Elite London Escort Pageants for Russians are vivid and colourful events that make for great entertainment, and the world enjoys too. The popularity of pageants means that you are likely to find one taking place somewhere close to you, and you might even be able to compete if you so wish to. While it can be a lot of fun to watch and to take part, along with the chance of winning prizes, some people prefer to get involved behind the scenes. 



Getting Involved


Kate, an Elite escort London city-based, first began to get involved with pageants a few years ago, and now spends time organising shows in her spare time. While she still holds her job as a full-time elite escort to help pay the bills, she is spending more time on her spectacles and soon hopes to be able to make a living from it. She has made a lot of contacts in the pageant industry and is also making a lot of connections with sponsors that help to fund events. 


Organising Larger Elite Escort Events


The hot escort pageants that Kate has organised so far have been reasonably small events, but she is confident that she can now move onto organising more significant occasions. Recently, she helped in organising an elite and substantial function in Germany, so she is hopeful that her alternative career will take her to see different parts of the world.

For now at least though, Russian escort Kate, is enjoying her time as an elite fashion hottie and just organising the small events. One can contact her for an upcoming pageant or any event that you need some help.