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London is among the most visited cities on the planet, and this is for excellent reasons. The city has much to offer to visitors of all ages and all backgrounds, meaning that everybody gets to have a great time. Not everybody has to get such a great time, though as visitors do not always visit the city for pleasure.


As one of the planet’s major business hubs, many visitors travel to Britain’s capital every year to do business and seeing the sights is often low on the list of priorities for them. One high-class escort agency, however, is trying to make sure that as many visitors as possible leave the city has had a great time. 


PalaceVIP is letting visitors to the city know that they are ready and waiting to be their companion during their visit to the capital. During the occasions, visitors can have a companion that will help them to unwind and see what the city has to offer. The beautiful and professional London escort girls know just where to go and how to help everybody to have a great evening. 



Offering a Warm Welcome.


A spokesperson of the agency said: “There are so many people that come to here and do little but travel between meetings or conferences and their hotel rooms”. She added, “We thought that we could do what we can to show them that they can get to enjoy the city as well if they have any spare time”. “Our escort girls are great companions and can help anybody to enjoy the city as much as possible, even if it is only for one evening”. “So often people end up just staying in their hotel rooms instead, which is such a waste of an opportunity to see such a great city”. She said. “Sometimes even a meal in one of the city’s fine restaurants can make all the difference”. 


“We have many escort clients that choose to turn to us for companions for an evening or two, and they are mostly very grateful of the time”, she continued. “They usually end up looking forward to returning to the city rather than dreading it as yet another boring business trip”, she said. “It can be so satisfying to know that you have made even just a little bit of difference in somebody’s life”. 


Up to the Task.


The escorts themselves say that they are thoroughly enjoying acting almost as tour guides for visitors and that it is good to know that somebody has had a great time just because of you. “It is a nice feeling to know that you have given somebody some great memories”, said one escort that works for the agency”. “When they return to their own country, they generally do so with fond memories of the city, and that is good to know”. 


“Most high-class London escorts just want to enjoy a meal as they have a lot to do the next day and need to take it easy, others just want to go a bit wild and make the most of the city”, She added. “One client wanted to go to a concert and then spend the nightclubbing once the concert had finished, we both had a great evening”, she concluded.