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The escort agency that relieves stress with paintballing games

A London escorts 24/7 life can be stressful at times. Many of us have financial concerns and worrying about paying the rent or buying food can be a horrible experience. Relationships with friends & families can become strained, causing you to have even more headaches and seeing loved ones having a difficult time can also be very stressful for us. There is a great deal in life that can make things difficult for us, and sometimes it can begin to get us down.


If life is beginning to get you down too much, it is essential to fight back and try to continue with a positive outlook otherwise things can start to become quite unpleasant, especially if depression takes hold. It is vital to keep to see friends and family and try to have a good time and to try and continue with your professional life as best you can. No matter how hard we might work though it can still be difficult. One elite London escorts agency is looking to paintballing to help their escorts overcome hardships in life. 



For models and their families


The thought of beautiful ladies running around in army gear and guns might sound like a fantasy to some, but at one paintballing centre in London, it is a reality. Elite Agency PalaceVIP is renting a paintballing centre once a week for free use to their escorts, and their families can come along as well if they like.


The escort agency hopes that the initiative will help the escorts to forget about the worries in their life and just have a great time. It could also help to strengthen bonds and gives an excellent opportunity for the girls to socialise with other people. 


An agency spokesperson said: “We do see the girls go through some hard times and it is difficult just to sit back and watch, so we thought we’d try and do something to help”. “We had a meeting to see what we could do to help add a little more fun into their lives, and somebody mentioned paintballing, which seems like a lot of fun.”


“We spoke with a local paintballing centre and agreed to rent the facilities for an afternoon once a week and our models are free to come along without paying a penny”.


A Welcome Break.


The agency has run a couple of sessions already, and so far it has been a big hit. Sandra, who is an elite escort with the agency, said: “It is a lot of fun, I had a perfect time, and I think that everybody else did as well”. “It gave me a lift, and I am looking forward to doing it again”. “The staff are also accommodating and have shown us the ropes and given lots of advice, and I think I might get quite good at this.”


“It does hurt a bit when you get shot though”, she added. “My friend Jenny shot me in the behind, and now I have a huge bruise there”. “It’s OK though, and I will get her back”, she joked.