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The Photography Company Offering Scholarships to Escorts

Moving to a new career can be a tough thing to do especially if the new job is something that requires a lot of equipment and training. Regardless of what our aspirations might exist, we can't just leave our current jobs without an alternative source of income.


Working on our current job and training for a new post is just plain unfeasible for many people. When you also need to take into account the cost of buying much-needed equipment. Unfortunately, the lack of time and finance means that many people have to give up their hopes and accept things as they are. 


One photography company, however, is taking on budding new photographers. Offering scholarships to escorts as well as the opportunity to get all the training they need to become a professional. They even allow them to use their equipment until the recruits can buy their own.


It is creating opportunities that might otherwise have simply not been available. It is an opportunity that some sexy escorts are grasping with both hands.  





Ideal Students. 


"We did some work with some escorts from London. During our time working with them, we got to know some of them a little better", said Simon, a photographer with Blue Moon Calgary. "We found that some of the ladies are quite creative and could do some impressive things with a camera if only they had the right equipment and training".


"We had a meeting at the office and decided that we will take on one or two on a scholarship basis if we feel they have the potential of course". "The girls we have trained up so far have been ideal students", he added. "They are bright, quick to learn and hard-working". 


"London-based elite models also get to see an aspect of life that many others don't. Creating advantageous images", Simon continued. "By allowing them to borrow some of our equipment and use it as they go about their lives, we get some very fascinating images". "A couple of the ladies are showing that they have a natural flair for spotting great photo opportunities", he said. 


Inspiring Others.


Some of the images clicked by these amateur photographers are of a very high standard and perhaps even pay winning material. So, this can only be good news for the company as it encourages more business from new and existing clients.


They are helping to recoup any financial outlay that the company has invested in the scholarships. Naturally, any images taken by the students will bear the company's name. Credit is given to the photographer, helping to raise the company's image. 


We hope that other businesses might look upon it as an opportunity. Find talented people as well and not only from the escorting industry. It should also help to serve as an inspiration to people from all walks of life. They can achieve what they want and that they should not completely give up hope. 


Consenting adults means people who agree to do something together. Agencies often talk about this, but they do not apply it to just our girls. It also can mean other industries too. 


Simon says, just because a girl is a high-class model don't assume it's about sex. Many escort bookings are just for companionship. We invite them to take a new career in the studio because we believe they need the opportunity to change. 


The content of websites links with Google and has little to do with the actual business of an agency. Teams of highly intelligent people employed by Google make biased decisions for the industry without even consulting them. We believe they can change.


And we believe that it's right to give them opportunities to change even if most don't change. At least they don't feel trapped, and they understand they have choices. And the world is not fencing them in, into being call girls.


All girls should consider a photography career until they realise how hard it is. They decide to stick with being an escort, he said.