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The most charming hotel on earth is in the UK

Britain is famous for many things, such as hot escorts from Europe, the royal family, museums and the arts but there is a lot more to the country than many first realise. Britain’s well-deserved reputation of grey skies and persistent rain might make many people think that it’s not a destination for those that want to see some natural beauty, by they would wrong. Britain’s countryside and coastlines are among the most beautiful that you will find anywhere on the planet, and this makes for some lovely places to stay. 

Stunning Views

Head away from Britain’s cities and you will charming places to stay with some of the most incredible views you can imagine. Converted country cottages, castles and stately homes are just a few examples of types of accommodation you can expect to find in Britain, and the interior is just as beautiful as the exterior. Alice, 35, works with Palace VIP as a high-class London escort and makes a trip to the countryside whenever she can.

“It’s a shame that so many escorts visit Britain but miss out on one of the most beautiful things it has to offer”, she said. “Some of the views are perfect, and the places to stay are just as beautiful”. “Whenever I do meet a tourist from overseas, I always try to encourage them to go venturing to the coast and the countryside, so they don’t miss out” She added. “I take my clients to the countryside with me, and they are always so grateful when I do”, she concluded.