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If you want to experience a more challenging, and exotic trip, Thimphu, in Bhutan should never be absent on your list. This city has so much to offer, especially to those who are having a thirst for learning about cultures and tradition. Thimpu symbolizes the entire Bhutan, which rightfully reflects culture as shown in religion, literature, customs, national dress, as well as other religious practices in monasteries. The city’s dance and music is well depicted in the nation’s media. A visitor will certainly have fun exploring everything that the city has to offer.

For a traveller’s guide, Thimphu can be quite a challenging place especially for first timers. However, if you experience your tour together with one of those exciting and booking reserved Thimphu models of elite london escorts Agency PalaceVIP, you will never have a dull moment during your stay in Thimphu. These lovely models can surely give you a tour of a lifetime, bringing you to places where you should see and enjoy.

To start your tour, you can visit the National Folk Heritage Museum. This is where you can find many of the city’s treasure in terms of culture and history. You can enjoy the chance of entering an authentic and old Bhutanese house as well as pose for a picture depicting how people in Bhutan lived about a hundred years ago. It is quite interesting because down to this day, many people in some areas in Bhutan live the same way their old folks did.


Thimphu, Bhutan


If you are interested in what Bhutan education has to offer, you may do well in visiting the National Library of Bhutan. The only problem is, you may not enjoy reading if you cannot understand Bhutan text. However, you will certainly enjoy on some artefacts which can be found inside the library.

If you are the sporty type of person, you and your companion Thimphu escort service model can visit the Royal Thimphu Golf Course for a round of golf game. Among the other places you can visit are the Mothithang Takin Preserve, Jhomolhari, Phajoding Monastery as well as the Jigme Dorji National Park, where you may enjoy nature at its best.


Thimphu Bhutan

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