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Now you are in Tirana. This may be your first time, and certainly, you only have a limited idea of what to do here. First of all, there are fun things to do in Tirana. After all, this is the famous capital of the country Albania. You can expect many things to happen during your stay. As a traveller’s tip, enjoy the services of a lovely Tirana escort from London Escorts PalaceVIP booking agency throughout your travel. They can assure you of a pleasant stay in Tirana.

As an overview, Tirana, being the nation’s capital, is where the seat of the government is. There are also lots of private universities and public institutions in the area. The city is also proud being the economic and cultural centre of the nation. If you are fond of history, adventure, and of course, food, Tirana will give you a wonderful experience worth remembering.

It is important to note that aside from public transportation and public vehicles, people in Tirana love to do biking along the roads. As a visitor, you can rent a ‘Boris Bike’ to do your own exploration of the city. However, Tirana roads are a bit challenging, thus, you need a mighty heap of courage to traverse down the city proper.


Tirana, Albania


The food market is also another must see place in all of Tirana. Especially in the Tirana’s Central Food Market, you can see amazingly displayed veggies and fruits, hazelnuts and olives. Mind you, they are fresh from the country’s farms, so you’ll never regret their quality.

Now let’s explore art in Tirana. The National Art Gallery is host to the country’s socialist and realist paintings. If you love these types of paintings, you will certainly enjoy the gallery’s humungous collection of art. Visit the discarded Communist statues found in the garden of the gallery. You’ll get the chance to meet funny Stalin there. Tirana also has a pyramid, but not like that of Egypt. The Pyramid is a former museum of Enver Hoxha.

By this time, you are already hungry. The best places to have fun with your lovely companion Tirana escort model will certainly be the revolving restaurant located at the Sky Bar. Enjoy the revolution of the bar to give you a top view look of the whole Tirana.



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