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Tokyo, Japan Escorts

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Elite London Escorts visiting the Land of the Rising Sun will evidently be a good experience for you. As a matter of fact, stepping on Japanese soil will be a totally new experience from you. Tokyo culture is way too different from other cultures you know, even with its neighbouring nations. In Tokyo, you can get immersed in old traditions in the middle of a modern civilization.

Tokyo will certainly amaze you. Not to mention the country’s famous reputation of being manufacturers of high tech gadgets, you can also see amazing things here like cute cartoon mascots adorning the city streets. The good thing about Tokyo is that while it is a busy city, everybody is so disciplined. Yes, the city can be really crowded, but it is strangely calm and quiet.

Among the things which will amaze you is the fabulous food, as well as its top notch mass transit system. You can also see stone lanterns, and shrines which represent old Japan scattered across the city. To enjoy all these things, be sure to take with you a cute Tokyo Escort service model of Londons PalaceVIP Agency. Aside from touring your around, they can also help you with communicating. After all, the language may just be foreign to you.


Tokyo Escort Model of London


If you want to know where your fresh sushi comes from, make sure to visit the world’s busiest and largest fish market, the Tsukiji’s market. Going there at 5 am will let you witness a live tuna auctions. Then, when the morning comes, enjoy a sushi breakfast in one of the nearby restaurants in the area.

For a traditional Japanese entertainment, why not enthrall yourself by going to a sumo theatre. The grand tournaments happen in January, May and September, so if you are in Tokyo during those months, make sure to catch live entertainment at the National Sumo Hall.

Together with your escort model, you can visit some shrines in the city. One of the most popular destinations is the Meiji shrine, which was built in dedication to the late 19th century emperor who opened Japan to the world. For a relaxing time, you can enjoy your day here.


Tokyo, Japan

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