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Tips to Maintain Intimacy in a Relationship

As a London escort in a five-year marriage, I can tell you that it is not easy maintaining an intimate relationship. An intimate relationship does not mean a sexual relationship. Instead, it is a relationship that involves a strong emotional connection between man and wife. This personal connection can be based on trust, acceptance and love.

During our work, we meet different kinds of men. Some are generous, others are seductive while at the same time others confuse us with their charms and designer suits. If you are married, then you know what I am talking about. An escort’s work is demanding and most times we reach home tired not wanting to be intimate with our husbands.

This behaviour comes at a great cost to our relationship. This is, “Our relationship lacks intimacy.” So how can we make our relationship more intimate?

4 Ways to Rekindle Intimacy in a Relationship

1. Start with Emotional Intimacy

If you plan to improve on your physical intimacy, then you need to be more emotionally connected with your partner. According to DR. Gotta, couples need to express themselves in terms of positive need by showing empathy to each other. In simple terms, you need to sit down with your man and let him know how you feel and also listen to him.

Does he feel as if you are no longer connecting? If yes, then you need to know why and how to fix that. Another easy way to bring back some spark in your relationship is by having an emotional conversation by the end of the day. Do not just cook and go to bed. Talk about how bad your escort day has been or how good it has been.

2. Do Something New Together

According to psychologists, escort couples who find new things to do together develop a deep emotional connection as a result of the new task. For example, you can decide to work on a project that targets your friends or family. You can even choose to have a joint venture like chicken farming. It does not have to be something big. As long as both of you will feel closer to each other, then that is ok.

3. When you feel like you are Drifting, Engage

As a London escort, never let the relationship reach a point where it drifts in the deep sea, and you do not try to save it. The best way to build intimacy and keep a relationship is to make it harder for the relationship to break. For example, you can plan a year-long sailing trip in the Caribbean. Or a six-month journey to Africa. This will create an emotional bond and bring back intimacy.

4.  Give Credit Where Due

According to recent research, 60% of divorced escorts claimed that they did not enjoy the level of conversation they expected to have while married.  According to the study, it was established that low levels of dialogue in a relationship made couples drift apart, resulting in a lack of emotional connection. In conclusion, talk and talk with your man until you fall asleep talking.