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London Escorts 24/7, Busty and Slim Babes.

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Hi, how are you?

Its nice that you visit this website. Its a place of interest for many people looking for adventure and fun. Take your time to view the real photos of girls who are London Escorts.

The elite London escort agency, we know that our leadership in outstanding values and standards of customer service bring a compelling proposition:

  • Our telephone lines are open 24/7 for Elite London Escorts who can bring top quality companions to your door within 30 minutes of you confirming a booking to us.

  • Our escorts of London are recommended by their friends to join our team as we are the most professional and ethical agency in london with the best standards of support.

  • The stage is set with various Elite & Busty London escorts with exclusive actual photos, without super sliming and glamourising thereby eliminating shocks when you meet them at PalaceVIP.

  • A London escorts 24/7 booking service with our trained customer service representatives.
  • A first time client looking for escorts in london?

    International travelling companions as well as UK based companions. Selected by us for integrity and guaranteed best quality character and looks.

    PalaceVIP have the finest overall selection and representation for companionship london escorts of class and polished presentation.

    New girls arrive each day at PalaceVIP. They come from being recommended by friends as well as from the websites popularity. We choose less then 50% of the applicants as many do not meet our character guidelines. The professional standards of behaviour are higher than other agencies.

    Unlike most of the Russian, Romanian and Madam managed agencies who are hardened ex-escorts. We are a team of educated business professionals. We understand clients are not cash machines to be used. And girls are real people who need support and education or the bad ones just need to be avoided. We endeavour to give you quality client advice under these circumstances.

    London Escorts you can access 24/7

    Checking the photography solutions of the girls so that only real photos are on our website can be a time consuming activity.

    To assist us with these difficulties we concluded that our policy: 'If its not real, then its for free' seems to be a good idea to keep the girls honest when they think about sending us fake photos.

    Over the years we have brought both clients and girls many enjoyable experiences and we decided you might like to show your appreciation by sending us a brief testimonial. All testimonials from clients are confidential. As you can see from our testimonial section that girls and London Escort Agencies names are indicated.

    1. Testimonials are confidential and all original source data from clients is erased.
    2. Testimonials from the girls include, in most cases, original source documentation.

    PLEASE NOTE: Some helpful tips for New Girls

    • Do you want help finding an apartment? We have allot of contacts that we can give you. Call us. We can send you this list of contacts.
    • We can give you some advice on which agencies are good to work with. You choose who you want to work with. We don't spread rumours or stories to control you. Work for whoever you like.
    • Take a photoshoot with no upfront payment. We may even lend you the money for the shoot and you can pay us back from the first few bookings. With one of the best glamour photographers,. Call us for more details for the Elite London Escort photographer options.
    • Maybe, take our crash course in how to be an elite escort in london. We can offer you a 2 days course in local UK etiquette, your rights and your obligations and also how you can present yourself so you will be the best price levels to make the most money. This is called an induction. With our 2 days crash course for new arrivals you can become one of the elite escorts in London without delays and making mistakes. Please don't only trust advice from other girls they dont know or see the whole picture even though they may mean well.

    Visitors of this website agree to the following terms and conditions:

    These terms and conditions are applicable to all the users of the website, including any contact method used either by SMS or email or whats app or telephone calls or face to face meetings. This applies to the members or non members seeking booking services from PalaceVIP Elite London Escorts Agency.

    Use of this website or any type of communication material is subject to agreement of these conditions:

    It is agreed that PalaceVIP London escort agency only makes bookings and we do not control or influence girls to conduct any activity other than keep the appointments we make for them. Girls and clients have free choice to continue a booking term at the time of the meeting. Both clients and girls have no cancellation fee if they decide when they meet each other that they are not happy for any reason whatsoever.

    It is agreed that all forms of contact and communications with this website or any staff of the agency are nothing more than an inducement for a booking and are not an inducement for any other type of service from either an escort or from the agency.

    If you dont agree with these terms then please leave this website now. And please do not contact us.

    Use of this website is restricted to people over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 please leave this website now.

    The Rights and Obligation for use of images:

    Applicants agree that by sending us their images they have granted us authority to use images under the following terms and conditions: It is agreed that in the action of sending us images the applicant has automatically granted an irrevocable and unlimited license to use images for a period of up to 4 months from the date of sending us those images.

    It is agreed that this includes any images sent by any means including email, sms, mms, or any other social applications including but not limited to WhatsAPP or the website application form.

    It is agreed that where fees due to the agency by the girl are unpaid that the agency has been granted an indefinite and irrevocable unlimited license to use the images of that girl until payment of outstanding fees has been made.

    It is agreed that where the agency finds lower prices or uncovered faces of the same photos of the same girl on other websites we have the right to adjust the price or the photos on our website accordingly, automatically.

    Time Wasters Administration Fee for girls:

    Sometimes girls are very crazy and waste our time for interviews, phone calls, training, induction, systems and profile setup. And don't give us a chance to recover our investment in time and money in starting to work with her.

    In such cases it is agreed that the girl needs to pay us a Time Wasters administration Fee of £150 to remove the photos from the website.

    The Time Wasters Administration Fee may be discretionally waived by the agency in reasonable or justifiable situations.

    Customer Data Protection

    Advertising costs form a significant part of any business. These costs are incurred to keep and attract new clients. Girls acknowledge this and agree that in making an application and accepting bookings from the agency that they will keep client information confidential and not exchange any contact data with the client or any competitor or other girls without the express written permission of the agency.

    Girls agree if they do breach these requirements not to protect clients details for us they agree to pay to the agency a Fee for introduction of £3000. Most Introduction Agencies charge fees of £3000 to £20,000 to clients for introductions so this fee is very reasonable. The girls agree to pay this fee by the action of sending your photos to us and further agreement again each time you accept bookings from our booking service.

    Girls agree that by sending their application or accepting bookings that they maybe audited occasionally by customers or other representatives of the agency. Audits are conducted at the discretion of the agency to ascertain if policies on the agency are being maintained. It is agreed that audits are fair and reasonable and that beaches of policy will receive the applicable penalty and the girls agree to whatever reasonable penalty is stipulated in these terms and conditions.
    • Economic Outlook for Escort Industry - A Brief View (2016-01-10)
    • Over the last 5 years the steady decline in domestic consumption in the UK has been magnified within the escort industry and as such drops in business have reached as much as an 80% reduction since 5 years ago.

      Many agencies struggle and many have disappeared altogether. New entrants appear most of whom failed to recognise they were entering an industry in decline. And most of whom leave after a few short months.

      The life cycle the industry is at now, is a more mature stage with having had 10 years of open to Europe. The surge of new Europe coming to London is over albeit now a trickle or indeed over. And seems now to be replaced by a middle eastern flood.


      Now directly influenced by economic conditions of the broader economy the steady decline of the escort industry will continue year on year. The same factors that caused economic near collapse for Europe before the burst of credit are still existing. Everyone thought the EU ideals were the saviour and are now realising the original problems in Europe are still a real and underlying clear and present danger. These problems were never solved. They were just ignored while everyone was enjoying the ride on the credit fuelled merry-go-round of the great Credit Circus.

      The slow decay of Europe has returned. And all the options have now been exhaustively pursued except for the final option of fixing the rotten culture of corruption and selfishness.

      We believe that this decline will continue unabated. As no on has the motivation or indeed the power to fix the problems that have existed for more than 1 hundred years in Europe. Being still part of Europe experiment, the UK has not power to change the basics that gave it a decline for he last 50 years. And gave rise to the false hope of the EU experiment.

      The industry therefore needs to prepare for consolidation and no doubt present participants will leave the market to seek opportunities in other industries.
    • Learn how to be a good client to most models! (2015-11-02)
    • We all know that morality issues regarding as well with any other parts of the world have x internet, social forums, local communities, church, multimedia and the likes. All most all of them entail their own piece of though regarding London Escorts , some may be advantageous but most are not. With these regard while most of us heavily battle over this unique form of profession, many people tend to neglect that this is their own chosen profession and that they are purely human as much as we do. They have their own set of feelings and emotions that should be treated humanely and bypassing these feelings is a total mistake.

      While the above statements are all true and correct, it is wise and necessary to be a good client whenever we rent or hire a model. They deserve to be treated nice and pleasant enough for they don’t simply ask for money, they work hard for it. Follow this simple and straightforward tips and tricks on how to be a good client to most girls all over the world and not just in London alone.

      1. Offer utmost respect – do you still remember the golden rule of life “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? This is very much applicable when hiring babes in London. Pay them some respect and they would also give you utmost admiration and high value. Remember that they are human beings and not robots that you can teach and coach gullibly.

      2. Pay what you owe – model service is not a free business, you need to pay what you owe to the model. Do not try to run after them or make such silly excuses for not paying them. You hire their services therefore it is your responsibility to pay what you have to pay.

      3. Be honest and clean – most models enjoy those clients who are clean and honest inside out. It is your responsibility to ask them if they are diseases free or not but it is also their responsibility to protect themselves and asked you as well if you are also clean or not. An honest answer deserves an honest feedback so be truthful as much as possible to maintain utmost professionalism when hiring UK Model.

      Client model
      4. Don’t push too hard – remember that dating services has its own rules and regulations may it be company based or as with the individual alone. It is advisable to talk to the model right before you hire them to make things clear and such misunderstandings can always be prevented.

      5. Be understanding – opening up your heart and understanding things between you and the escort should always be practiced utmost to maintain a good relationship. You can also play with each other’s strengths and weaknesses to develop that certain feel without any hindrance or barrier left untold.

      Follow these tips and tricks if you wanted to have a friendly companion bounded by wonderful times and not just by money or lust all alone.

      Remember to pay them paramount respect because they are all humans like us, even a single thing made no difference after all.

    • Dont Believe the Articles and Blogs You Read at PalaceVIP - its just for SEO (2015-10-29)
    • Google rules about SEO restrict the content on our website and due to the copying of our content by jealous competitors we have to change our original content all the time. "Its just part and parcel of being the market leader" says Amanda, manager at the agency. All of our innovative ideas get copied by the gangsters and manipulated by the losers who just spend their time to disrupt their competitors rather than making their businesses stronger. Of course we love to make original content.

      It's just annoying that we make up some things just for the purpose of content for SEO and not because it's A good business for our clients. But because google allows our competitors to affect our business when they copy our original content. And so to fill the new content requirements and freshly added, we need to create our content and sometimes it's more relevant to google than to our clients. Our client just want to see hot girls. they dont care about the text on our website. So please don't think you can automatically believe our text content of articles and blogs. Its really just for SEO.

    • Can I believe the Amazing Photos - Are they real? (2015-10-29)
    • Many clients visiting our website and many other websites in our city are asking the questions about the photos used being real. "They are so beautiful that I cant believe I can book a girl like this. They say to us" Says Amanda manager of PalaceVIP. "Well the reality is that every girls photos has some photoshop. Some photographers use more photoshop than others. So if you really want to understand better its a good idea to study the photographers style and get to know each photographers footprint. Then you can make your decisions on quantity of photoshop once you start to understand each photographers style and the amount of photoshop they use. Once you have such an understanding then you can much more easily make a judgement call if the girl is likely to look similar to her photos or very different from her photos. Of course agencies try not to use fake photos but sometimes girls will manage to trick an agency for a short period of time that the photos they are using are real. That is a separate issue.

      Real Amazing Photos

      Most agencies have a no fake photo policy. And as soon as they realise a photo sent to them by a girl is fake they will remove those photos. Thus discussion is more about the photos being real but do the girls actually look like that in real life. Well, most of them do. Some have allot of photoshop and don't look like the photos and are much worse than reality. But some actually look better than the photos because Photographers can make poor quality photoshop. The best solution we believe is to ask the receptionist of the agency for their advice and ask them if the girl looks like her photos. Ask them if they are real and if they are accurate before you confirm your booking.

    • Busty Babes: Old dating activities or Extreme dating ideas! ()
    • Are you going to date a beautiful model but you don’t know should you go traditional or modern? Are you caught up in the middle where traditional dating ideas and modernly extreme activities collide? Which way to go and what things to follow with Models? Why not compare the different set of activities you can do on these dating ideas to help you decide whether to go conventional or extraordinary.

      UK Sexy girl

      Old fashioned romantic dating ideas…

      1. Experience the feel of 60’s with horse drawn carriage on different parks and recreational areas. This may be very old and traditional but still it is so classical.

      2. Go horseback riding to different areas like the wide open spaces of the plain.

      3. You can also try to ride a bike and feel the embracing wind of the city while visiting different sites.

      4. Visit historical places and discuss the memorable things that happen there.

      5. Fly kites and feel the little heart within your big souls.

      Extraordinary ways to date your model

      1. Ride on a helicopter and visit the Grand Canyon.

      2. Why not try to go hot air balloon flying and see the whole city up and above.

      3. You can also try to skydive and feel the thrill gushing through your veins.

      4. Tour the Africa with Safari.

      5. Visit the Galapagos Islands and scuba dive deep into waters of the ocean.

      Whatever your choice is, just remember to ask your Busty babes date first and consider models opinion most.

    • Follow the ethics to become a good client of escort industry! (2013-02-28)
    • Escort services can really be addicting and somewhat very amusing to enjoy. Imagine that you can do anything you want starting from companionship to a hot and steaming massage all in just one industry that will be none other than the world of escorting services. This reason is also very true that is why many customers keep coming back for more. But for you to hire your most desired girls over and over again, you need to bear in mind that being a good client should always be considered first to help you establish a good name that is full of trust and reaping with great reputation. But how can you be a good client? What are the things you need to do to make your models prioritize you? How can you outperform other customers and be most outstanding one? Looking for answers? Then read further…

      Ethics models

      Things you need to do to be considered as a good client

      1. Always respect the girl’s limitation – the first thing that you need to learn if you wanted to become a good and trusted model follower is the principle of respecting the limitation of your London Escorts. Bear in mind that they are human beings governed by necessary feelings and emotions that has certain rules and regulations to follow with regards to up to where they can perform. Respect them utmost and see the golden fruit of your good behavior.

      2. Don’t be too pushy and aggressive – it is your right to command these babes on whatever you wanted them to do but you also need to remember that being too pushy or hard can result into a disastrous client-model relationship. Follow rules and make sure to stick with it the best that you can. Do not be aggressive as well because models will think that you are a hot tempered person that has the tendency to hurt them within any given moment.

      3. Do not act like you own them because you pay them – most guys will act prematurely stating that they pay the girl therefore he owns them. Do not in any means try to brag and try to feel with the girl that you own them just because you are paying them. The world of escort services is more of a professional business rather than personal alone.

      4. Always perform good hygiene – it is also wise to practice good hygiene at the best possible way you can. Brush your teeth, gargle, take a bath and cleanse your entire body delightfully. Make sure that you smell good inside out to establish a hygienic impression with the girl.

      5. Always practice safe sex – remember that most babes will appreciate you if you wanted to have safe sex with them. This gives a full precautionary method between you and the model.

      Always practice the above tips and tricks and you will be surprised that in the end you already earned that full trust and support of the model making you more of a special guy than a regular one.