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PalaceVIP The Leading Escort Agency with high standards of excellence.

Welcome to our london escorts agency. We are a team of dedicated professionals with over 20 years combined experience in customer service. We work 24/7 as elite london escorts booking service. And we provide bookings via email, sms, telephone and whats app. Kristina and Sarah manage the agency and back up is provided by a technical support team of more than 10 people. Staffed in central london the escort agency is positioned to attract the best girls from around the world. Girls come to us of their own free will and we support them in their goals and endeavours. . We have a range of busty london escorts which are exclusive to us. We have very high standards and if any girls shall not meet these standards we take action to cease working with them. Should anyone have any information or feedback about girls standard both positive as well as negative please feel free to let us know as its appreciated greatly by Sarah and Kristina.

We are here to serve you with the best choice of fresh and hot girls. Many girls fail to pass our criteria which is why we represent only the best girls for fun and adventure. The majority of girls in london are indeed well behaved and the clients are of impeccable character at PalaceVIP we try to only represent free girls who are happy with what they do each day and feel free and happy about working in the industry. Checking the website you will find a variety of girls from different backgrounds and you will also see that they are only from £150 for a london escort. The best way to meet one of our girls is to make a phone call. If you are a first time customer we cannot accept sms as there is a security issue. So for the safety and security of the girls we do ask that for the first booking you call us. Making a booking by SMS is fine after the first booking, once we have some level of trust for you.

Every day we receive applications from new girls and we select the best of these to advertise on our website.

There are a variety of girls to choose from including Latin European, and Eastern European girls.

We are a discreet service. For example, we do not even announce our agency name for incoming calls. Its the many small things that matter. With us your discretion is assured.

Available for London Escort bookings 24/7:

The best way to differentiate in the london escorts industry is to be transparent and honest. Leadership comes through applying the formation of good principles and the implementation of those at all levels of an organisation.

Our patented 'Available Now' technology means that we can quickly find the immediately available girls and in seconds we can give you a list of options that suit your criteria.

The photos of all our London escorts are real or your money back?:

Its real or it's free.

This can be challenging at times given the often low professional standards of many of our new european busty escorts london friends. but our induction program usually includes an overview of the definitions of ethical and progressional decision making and how that applies to our clients in the real world.

How do we choose and select only the most gorgeous, sexy escorts?:

Our elite business processes are defined from years of experience in providing high level account management strategies. Discerning individuals who appreciate the value of a caring and friendly personal approach rather than a cold and arrogant approach will warm to PalaceVIP agency.

Many girls come to us through the many personal recommendations of their friends and are not just attracted to our beautiful website.

PalaceVIP does not take photos as we are not a photographer. All photos are supplied by the girls. Girls choose photographers and they make the photos in most cases without our guidance. We endeavour to have accurate photos on the website. But all girls in london from all agencies have an element of photoshop on their photos.

London escort Ethical and Political considerations:

There are many factors in the escort london industry that dictate successful outcomes. We believe the best of these is integrity and ethical process and belief systems. Many of our eastern European competitors are not schooled in the etiquette of the west and they have a different approach to competitive behaviour. We however are long suffering in our belief that our western principles will win out. We however believe that our intelligent and transparent approach will prevail. And our track record proves this to be accurate to date.

Last year we conducted a survey of more than 250 London escort girls and we received overwhelming response that of the girls surveyed, they considered us to be the best agency in London for ethics and a family friendly attitude compared to the eastern european agencies who are very unfriendly and low on ethical, professional and legal basics.

London escort Terms and Conditions and Rules of Engagement with Our London Escorts:

We are an appointment booking service for escorts and clients. Money that changes hands for booking a block of time with any of our girls is for time and companionship only. Anything else that may or may not occur is agreed to be strictly between consenting adults and is not part of the booking service. Anything implied or inferred on this website is not to be taken as an inducement for services other than for time and companionship. Use of this website and its contents is conditional upon all visitors accepting these terms.

You also agree that you are over 18 and that you agree with the above statements. If you don't agree with the terms of this website or you are under 18 then please leave the website immediately.

Rights to display Images:

By applying for work the applicants agree that they are granting a license to use the images as stipulated below:

By transmitting images to us whether by email, whatsapp, sms, on-line application or any other method or form, applicants accept they are indeed authorising unlimited and an irrevocable license in favour of PalaceVIP London escort agency for up to 4 months to use the images. An indefinite irrevocable license applies where money is outstanding to us. Administration Fee: For removal of photos an administration fee of £150 applies in some cases where girls have wasted our time by submitting an application and where we have processed the application and begun to provide bookings for the girl but where the escort has engaged in nuisance activities or time wasting, see Policies for further details.

The Agency spends a lot of money in advertising and customer service activities to find and retails clients and applicants agree that the clients contact information is the property of the agency and that applicants will not circumvent the agency and contact clients directly. Applicants agree to pay £3000 introduction fee if they contact with the clients we introduce to them without the agencies consent.>