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Girls Testimonials

Juul Juul
23 December 2020
I really enjoyed working with you! You are very good, kind a...
Ariana Ariana
02 November 2020
thank you, you are wonderful, I really appreciate your suppo...
Olya Olya
30 October 2020
I have fun for the first time at work. Thank you for so go...
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Client Testimonials

Mr. T. Mr. T.
30 December 2020
“Thank you so much - a wonderful person and even prettier in real l...
Mr. B Mr. B
23 December 2020
She was great! Pretty, fit and a nice companion. Great recommendati...
Mr. J Mr. J
23 December 2020
I have to say what an amazing girl!
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Competitor Comments

london69escorts london69escorts
15 July 2015
"Good Agency. Good Managers. Great work. They are professional and ...
Chloe - GFP Chloe - GFP
15 July 2015
"Palacevip is doing remarkable and awesome work. Other agencies tal...
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Elite London Escorts 24/7 - High Class Escort Agency - PalaceVIP

Thank you for visiting our Elite London Escorts website available 24/7. Its a place of interest for many open-minded consenting adults looking for adventure and fun with sexy models. Take your time to view the real photos on our high class website. 

At our VIP agency, we feel that leadership requires setting outstanding values and standards of customer service to bring a compelling proposition to our VIP clients and high class girls in central London. Our standards include:


  • Telephones that are open 24/7 hours a week. Booking our models and Elite London Escorts is actually easy. You can make a booking and bring a top quality sexy call girl 24 hours a day, to your central London door, within 30 minutes of you confirming your booking.
  • Often our 24 hour escorts are recommended by their friends to join our team. We are a professional and ethical agency with the best standards of support.
  • The stage is set with various busty escort girls with exclusive and actually real adult photos and videos, without super slimming and glamorizing, thereby eliminating shocks when you meet them.
  • An online booking form with our trained customer service representatives for incall or outcall escorts or dinner dates.


24/7 Professional Quality Standards


We believe our models and high class babes are the finest overall selection and professional representation in London through us. We have many beautiful girls for you to choose from 24/7. New High Class London Escorts arrive each day at our website. These sexy girls often come from being recommended by friends and also through the website's popularity on Google. We choose less than 50% of the applic,ants as many do not meet our quality guidelines. Our professional London standards of behavior are higher than other elite agencies we encourage the girls to honor their promises to clients and to us.  


We are a team of educated business elite professionals. We understand clients are not cash machines to be used. Want a real, elite and independent escort? We are the right Elite agency to give you the best advice. We understand quality is special. Girls sometimes need support and education or the bad ones just need to be avoided. We always endeavor to give you quality client advice under these difficult circumstances.


Our definition of a high class is one that includes not just style and shape of face and body but also aspects of mind and character. This defines and elite model for us. Such quality girls are very hard to find. It takes a great deal of time and energy to bring them to you. We hope that you will appreciate this and relax and enjoy the results of our effort.


High Class Website Photos


Checking Elite photography solutions sent to us by our VIP Models and high class babe applicants, so that only real photos are on our escorts gallery can be a time-consuming activity. High class escorts often engage in a variety of activities to get past our vetting procedures. To assist us with these difficulties we have concluded that our policy: 'If it's not real, then it's for free' seems to be a good idea to keep them honest when they think about sending us fake photos. Our quality girls of beauty use photos that are real.


Testimonials about our Elite Agency


Over the years, with London Escorts 24/7, we have brought both clients and girls, using our booking service solutions, many enjoyable experiences shown in our testimonials page. Our friendly receptionists engaged in customer service, look for the highest standards to achieve quality service in a model. Any of the Elite 24/7 Companions we select are  appreciative of client feedback. We thought you might like to show your appreciation by sending us a brief testimonial so that we can share these with other visitors to the website. All testimonials from clients are confident, trial but you can see from our testimonial section that real names are not indicated.


  1. Testimonials are confidenttial and all original source data from clients is erased.
  2. Testimonials about our top London Escorts 24/7 include, in most cases, original source documentation.

One of the interesting things about the competitive environment in the industry is the dirty tricks and daily attacks from other agencies and some girls that got fired in the past. Girls get fired from us becuase they steal comission or clients and then usually they embark on a life long mission of disinformation abuse and aggression towards the london escort agency. 


Many of these girls have zero education and are from cultures that are well.. caveman in their origins. Put that together with broken family and zero family or a life of criminality in their famlly and friends and really its a formidable force or evil against good. 


However, we must stand strong for the nice girls. And for the brand. These influences affect clients and girls who just want to have fun. The best way is open and transparent communications about all of the issues. And the publication of them in certain media channels. and give a voice to both sides of the complaint not to just 1.


Such is the down side. The upside of the game is that the good folks who contact us, being clients and girls. They are often so grateful and positive about our dating escort style service. Every day positive feedback about our contribution to their daily lives.


Enrichment of lives and the thanks that people give us is a very rewarding result. Girls give us such positive reviews that we are the best agency in London. The global reputation of fair play and guidance is seconds to none. We are the world leader of all escort agencies in the world for support and guidance for the girls. 





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