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Call: 02070999232 (Amanda)

SMS/Wapp: 07957920214

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Call: 02070999232 (Amanda)

SMS/Wapp: 07957920214

International:  +79689627313 (Katya)


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Elite London Escorts 24/7, the leading High Class Agency - PalaceVIP

Thank you for visiting our website. Its a place of interest for many open minded people looking for adventure and fun with a girl. Take your time to view the real photos of our exclusive website.

At our elite agency, we feel that leadership requires setting outstanding values and standards of customer service to bring a compelling proposition to our clients. Our standards include:


  • Our telephones are open for our 24/7 hour for booking our models and babes. You can make a booking and bring a top quality sexy call girl 24 hours a day, to your door within 30 minutes of you confirming your booking.
  • Often our 24 hour girls are recommended by their friends to join our team as we are the most professional and ethical agency with the best standards of support.
  • The stage is set with various busty girls with exclusive actual photos, without super slimming and glamorizing, thereby eliminating shocks when you meet them.
  • An online booking form with our trained customer service representatives for an incall or an outcall.


Elite London Escorts 24/7 with professional quality standards


We believe our elite models and high class babes have the finest overall selection and representation through us. We have many beautiful girls for you to choose from. And new girls arrive each day at our website. These sexy girls often come from being recommended by friends and also through the website's popularity on google. We choose less than 50% of the applicants as many do not meet our quality guidelines. Our professional standards of behavior are higher than other agencies we encourage the girls to honor their promises to clients and to us.  


We are a team of educated business elite professionals. We understand clients are not cash machines to be used. Want a real independent escort? We are the right agency to give you the best advice. Girls sometimes need support and education or the bad ones just need to be avoided. We always Endeavour to give you quality client advice under these difficult circumstances.


Our definition of a high class is one that includes not just style and shape of face and body but also aspects of mind and character. Such quality girls are very hard to find. It takes a great deal of time and energy to bring them to you. We hope that you will appreciate this and relax and enjoy the results of our effort.


High Class Website Photos


Checking the photography solutions sent to us by our VIP Models and babes applicants, so that only real photos are on our website can be a time-consuming activity. High class girls often engage in a variety of activities to get past our vetting procedures. To assist us with these difficulties we have concluded that our policy: 'If it's not real, then it's for free' seems to be a good idea to keep them honest when they think about sending us fake photos. Our quality girls are exciting girls of beauty and the photos of them are the real girl.


Testimonials about our Agency


Over the years, we have brought both clients and girls, using our booking service solutions, many enjoyable experiences with our testimonials feature. Our friendly receptionists engaged in customer service, look for the highest standards to achieve quality service in a model. Any of the companions we select is also  appreciative of client feedback. We thought you might like to show your appreciation by sending us a brief testimonial so that we can share these with other visitors to the website. All testimonials from clients are confidential but you can see from our testimonial section that names are indicated.


  1. Testimonials are confidential and all original source data from clients is erased.
  2. Testimonials from the top girls include, in most cases, original source documentation.


Advice and Requirements


  • Do you want help to find high class escorts in London that are like minded and classy? We can link you up with other busty escorts, with upmarket apartments? We have a lot of contacts that we can give you. Call us. We can even send you this list of contacts.
  • We can even give you some advice on which type of escorts London agencies prefer to work with. You choose which agencies you want to work with. We don't spread rumors or stories to control you. You can work with whoever you like.
  • Why not take a photo shoot with no upfront payment? For a pretty girl, we may even lend you the money for the photo shoot. You can pay us back, from the first few bookings. We partner with one of the best glamour photographers in the industry. Call us for more details on any London escort photographry options.
  • Maybe, take our crash course in what it means to work here. We offer a 2-day course in local UK etiquette: your rights in the U.K.., your obligations and also some guidance on how you can present yourself, with a view to achieving the best price level you can, thereby making the most money. This is called an induction in most businesses. If you take our 2 days crash course for new arrivals you can become one of the top models without delays and costly mistakes. Please don't only trust advice from other girls, they don't know really see the whole picture even though they may mean well, we know best.


Terms and Conditions


Visitors to this website agree to these terms and conditions are applicable to all the users of the website. For any 24/7 contact method used whether, by SMS or email or whats app or telephone calls or face to face meetings, these terms and conditions also apply. These terms and conditions also apply to the members or non-members seeking booking services and are consenting adults over the age of 18.


Use of this website or any type of communication material is subject to the agreement of these conditions:


It is agreed that the agency only makes bookings and we do not control or influence girls to conduct any activity other than keeping the appointments we make for them. The girls and clients have free choice to continue a booking at the time of the meeting. There is no cancellation fee should they decide to cancel the booking. 


It is also agreed that all forms of contact and communications with this website or any staff of the agency are nothing more than an inducement for a booking and are not an inducement for any other type of service from either a model or from the agency.


If you don't agree with these terms then please leave this website now. And please do not contact us.


Use of this website is restricted to people over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 please leave this website now.


The Rights and Obligation for use of images:


Any applicant must agree that by sending us their images they have granted us the authority to use images under the following terms and conditions:


It is agreed that in the action of sending us images the applicant has automatically granted an irrevocable and unlimited license to use images for a period of up to 4 months from the date of sending us those images.


It is agreed that this includes any images sent by any means including email, SMS, MMS, or any other social applications, including but not limited to WhatsApp or the web site application form.


It is agreed that where fees due by the girl are unpaid, the agency has been granted an indefinite and irrevocable unlimited license to use the images of that girl until payment of outstanding fees has been made.

It is agreed that where the agency finds lower prices or uncovered faces of the same photos of the same model on other websites we have the right to adjust the price or the photos on our website accordingly, automatically.


Time Wasters Administration Fee:


Sometimes sexy escorts are very crazy and waste our time for interviews, phone calls, training, induction, systems, profile setup and marketing. And don't give us a chance to recover our investment in time and money in starting to work with her.


In such cases, it is agreed that the girl needs to pay us a Time Wasters administration Fee of £150 to remove the photos from our website.


The Time Wasters Administration Fee may be waived by the agency in reasonable or justifiable situations.


Customers and Data Protection


Advertising costs form a significant part of any business. These costs are incurred to keep and attract new clients. Partners acknowledge this and agree that in making an application and accepting bookings from the agency that they will keep clients information confidential and not exchange any contact data with the client or any competitor or others without the express written permission of the agency.

All Elite London escorts 24/7 agree that if they do breach these requirements not to protect clients details for us they agree to pay to the agency a Fee for the introduction of £3000. Most on-line Introduction Agencies charge fees of £3000 to £20,000 to clients for introductions so this fee is very reasonable. The models agree to pay this fee by the action of sending your photos to us and further reaffirm this agreement again each time you accept bookings from our booking service.


All girls agree that by sending their application or accepting bookings that they may be audited occasionally by our customers or other representatives of the agency. Audits are conducted at the discretion of the agency to ascertain if policies are being maintained. It is agreed that audits are fair and reasonable and that beaches of policy will receive the applicable penalty and the busty girls agree to whatever reasonable penalty is stipulated in these terms and conditions.





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