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What is this International Travel Gallery page?

International Market prices are not the same as the other gallery prices. For high end, part time or younger fresh or simple girls the prices can be lower. For holiday companions the prices are usually lower than rates in London. However most girls have a 1-2 day minimum booking requirement plus the client will need to provide a hotel room and flights. (They dont accept AirBnB accomodation.) So for short 1 day bookings, the cost may seem to be higher overall. But for bookings of more than 2 days costs will usually be much lower.

Also of course the global range of girls is actually higher if you have access to that range. That is difficult because the girls location map is fragmented into different cities around the world rather than simply looking at London resources for a companion. To provide a better client service experience PalaceVIP have formed an alliance with a global resource solution to provide clients access to a global range of girls at global prices. This is a paid advertising alliance page called International Travel Gallery. All girls on this page are part of our paid advertiser strategy.

Visas: Escorts obtain their own visas and you should discuss with the girls Advertiser and Booking Agent Katya, on the International Travel Gallery number above.

Disclaimer for advertiser and client: This page is for paid independent advertisers and we do not make any commissions or representations relating to services or any of the girls advertised on this page. However we do try to ensure ethical standards are maintained in terms of accuracy of pictures and the integrity of the advertised girls. If you have any complaints we are able to listen and act on them as is appropriate. Rest assured that any advertised girls here have the utmost levels of confidentiality and respectfulness. And must adhere to our high level ethical guidelines in order to be allowed to be represented on this website. Any advertised girl which does not have ethical conduct will be removed from the website and any proportion of any unused advertising fees may be refunded. If you wish to advertise on this page please contact Katya the Travel Gallery Manager for rates and booking opportunities.

What Girls do you fancy today? An arrogant Russian sex machine? A Romanian (Latin/European mix) goddess? A Brazilian party animal? A sophisticated English glamour? Get a different taste of romance and adventure. Brighten up your week by enjoying the company of a genuine beauty as your CompanionDate the blonde or brunette that you always wanted to. Go ahead. The world is yours.

(Or a gallery girl for International Travel customers.)