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A New Escort London 24/7 Initiative

How would you like to date new London escort girls? All the girls here are escorts London style.  And they have been vetted by telephone and video and photos. it may look like Madame Tusauds escorts sometimes becuase photos have photoshop but thats where you need our expeet advice. For the sake of speed to market we may not have face to face interview with them yet. They are new but the escorts whose photos appear here are indeed the latest London escorts, with whom you can arrange a date today.


Many of PalaceVIP's London escorts are new here 24/7. And also new to escorting. Its very unusual to meet a London escort who is truly new to escorting. But it does happen in very rare occasions. Its very difficult for any agency to find the truth from the girls. They often under or overestimate aspects of their description. We do our best to filter such aspects but the best way is to call us and we will give you our best advice. Often new girls need some coaching to bring them up to speed with local industry aspects. Escorts in London are very professional standards compared to escorts on the continent. The difference is actually amazing. 


Some of the areas we look at for new girls when they arrive to London are: 1. hair and makeup - a style change is usually required. 2. dress sense usually needs to be upgraded. 3. Professional communications. 4. Standards of personal hygiene. Also other aspects take time like getting used to London traffic and travel times at different times of the day and night are stressful for the girls and they often get things wrong when estimating arrival times. So be patient with the girls. They need some time to get used to living in London and the real freedoms that slowly become apparent here. New girls are not without risks and difficulties but they can also be very rewarding.


These girls know how to have fun. One phone call - that's all you need. And you can take these gorgeous ladies out or home. Some new escort girls are 24/7 Escorts, starting at £150.