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Let us consider the reality of living in the centre. Many guys take a few hours and visit a bar or a pub and enjoy relaxing. But we all know that central city bars and pubs are expensive places to visit. You will often chalk up bills of around £100-£200 after a few hours, especially if you are with a few mates.  Shouldn’t you consider spending an hour or two with one of the babes from this gallery page rather than with anybody else? You will possibly spend the same amount of money as hanging out in a bar. But you will get much better value for money by hanging out with a charming babe. And you might be lucky (maybe it is not luck) with a pleasing time. Compare this to sitting at a bar often by yourself. Its really no fun compared to hanging out with one of our babe escorts in London.


We face a common question from clients: What is the difference between a Babe and a Model at Palace? Our standard answer is: 'What's the difference between a Mercedes A-class and a Mercedes S class? They both have 4 wheels and an engine and 4 doors and seats etc. The correct answer is that there are over a thousand differences between the 2 models. Instagram Babes and Models have the same answer. There are more than a thousand differences. Both might even be very similar on first look. But the differences are too great to list here. If your really curious we suggest book some from each gallery, and then you will know for yourself.


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