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List of approved London Glamour Photographers

There are more than 1000 London photographers for escort and glamour photos. Most do not provide work to the high standards expected by us.

There are considerable differences in the level of bookings any girl will receive just because you have better or worse photos. We have chosen to provide you a list below of the absolute Top Escort London photographers. Any would-be model needs to be very careful when choosing a photographer as the standard varies greatly.

We suggest you call them all before making your choice and remember that your choice will affect how much work you will receive. We always want to represent the best on this page, so if you have any suggestions on photographers which we should add to the page, please send us an email with examples of the work.

Ilona: 07960250218
Alec: 07590124405
Julia: 07775093888
Julia: 07515373362

Why are escort Photographers in demand and so expensive compared to other types of photography in London and also in other countries?

Usually, when a girl first comes to London, she has arranged a photoshoot in her country, and she is expecting to use those photos when she arrives and send them to all the agencies so that they will put them on their websites and commence marketing activities for them. Foreign photographers don't understand the style of photos that have become the standard for clients. Clients don't trust foreign images, and they believe they are often fake photos stolen. Also that they are usually bad quality photos for the London scene, but for a glamour or fashion photo strategy, they may be fantastic.

Photos needs are different from fashion photos, and they are different from playboy photos, and they are different from glamour photos. The whole portfolio must be such that a client can see the face in close up and the body and the legs. The quality of the photoshop must be such that the client feels there is little or no photoshop. Most girls come with budget level photos thinking they can save money by taking pictures in another country. But the reality is that they lose thousands because they loos bookings. Clients in London choose girls with great photos before they want girls with worse photos. The images may not be bad.. but if they are worse than the other girls, then the clients will choose the other girls.

There are more than 1000 photographers in London. Most of them are not earning good money, and most can't get much work. The reason is that they are not good enough. In London to make money you need to be the best of the best. Only then can you be in demand and having advance bookings weeks or months in advance.

There are actually only 5 photographers in London that are considered to be top quality and generate bookings for girls. Girls who choose other photographers are wasting their money.