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Astana is a place where you can taste how people lived life during the Soviet Union Time. Therefore, if your forte of interest in History, you will enjoy the sights and activities Astana has to offer. Just for a traveller’s tip, make sure you are not alone during your tour. Hire the services of a professional VIP Astana model like the PalaceVIP models to enjoy every bit of fun in the city.

For those blondes For a taste of history, visit the Akmolinsk Camp of Female Traitors to the Motherland, which used to be a barracks and a prison. As suggested by the name, the prisoners here were women. They did not do the actual betrayal job themselves, but they were the wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of those men who are accused of treason.

For an architectural adventure, walk around the city and enjoy the many innovative architectural buildings. Stop from time to time to carefully analyse the building's intricate designs and understand the story behind it. Your alluring blonde Astana model may be able to help you out with the explanation.

Astana, Kazakhstan

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Another tourist attraction where you can enjoy a good time is the Bayterek Tower. This place has served as a good symbol of the new status of the young capital of Kazakhstan. It is a complex structure of a gilt sphere that crowns a mythological tree. Nowadays, this attraction has served as a magnet to many tourists and visitors.

Sightseeing does not only stop outside the Bayterek Tower. You can even walk around inside and travel to the top of the tower. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the fantastic view of the entire city. For a heavenly feeling, they also play opera music as well as lights from above. The people of Astana always say to make a wish when this happens.

To enjoy Astana’s cuisine culture, roam around the city to enjoy traditional dishes offered in the restaurants. There is also a TGIF in the town, just in case you crave real western food. Enjoy your stay in Astana and discover for yourself the other wonders of the city. Date a hot babe, and have a great time.

Astana, Kazakhstan Babes

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