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This city has played so many roles in history. After the Berlin Wall collapsed, Nicosia is the only city that remained as the only divided capital in the whole world. This makes the city an exciting place for visitors and tourists alike. Nicosia witnesses infrastructure progress regarding the city's infrastructures, with the famous Eleftheria square being constructed.

To start your tour around Nicosia, you can visit the famous University of Cyprus, a coed university and the first university. The primary language used in Greek. Because of this, visitors may be having a hard time understanding the language. After all, it is Greek. However, with the services offered by lovely VIP Nicosia Escort girls of PalaceVIP, communication barriers will certainly not be a problem.

Nicosia models are known worldwide because of their voluptuous figures, with round eyes, fair skin and attractive faces. You will never go wrong hiring their services as they can take care of your tour and serve as a good travel companion, giving you additional services depending on your negotiation. They have certified head-turners so that you can walk proudly in the streets of Nicosia hand in hand with them. They will bring you to places which make the city proud of.

Nicosia, Cyprus

Nicosia Girls Booking Platform

For hot blondes to taste the city’s history, you can visit the Famagusta Gate, a historical relic from the past. It served as one of the entrances to the central city of Nicosia. Another historical landmark is Freedom Square, which used to be a wooden bridge serving as a transportation channel for travellers. Down to this day, it serves as a tourist attraction to visitors of the city.

Other interesting places for escorting include the Municipal Theatre, which shows regular Greek performances and international plays. There are also museums in the city. One is the National Struggle Museum, which contains memorabilia of the National Liberation struggle from 1955 to 1959. There’s also the Cyprus Museum which is the oldest and biggest archaeological museum in entire Cyprus. Indeed, Nicosia is rich in history and culture, making it a must-visit city.

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