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Home of world-famous and most famous private detective Sherlock Holmes, 221 B Baker Street is a fictional address created in Baker Street. Situated in the Marylebone district of the City of Westminster in the city, Baker Street got its name from the builder William Baker, who laid the street out in the 18th century.

Although it was a place for the 24/7 VIP residential elite, its popularity among the commercial sector has turned it into a commercial hubbub these days. The area is famous for many reasons: the gorgeous and second to none. They are just like the girls a gentleman would dream.

Call girls tell us that Baker Street has the fame to have the world’s first underground tube station, making it a great way to reach it easily. One of the world’s most visited museums, Madame Tussaud was first opened here in 1835, and the first permanent wax work also displayed here. A significant robbery of a branch of Lloyd’s Bank took place here in 1971.

There are plenty of activities to do here and have a great time on Baker Street. Please make the most of it by joining your favourite escort from our list. These girls are expert in guiding you about where to shop or eat or what to visit first in the area if you are a newcomer to the city. If you are here on just a short visit, it’s a must that you take along a hot date instead of dull & drab tourist guides or arranged tours to the city. She will be both your date and direction at the same time.

Baker Street has many things that make it a place must visit if you ever come to London. Most people are attracted to the fictional detective’s home, and every year, thousands of fans come to visit this place. It has been turned into a museum for the lovers.

City of Westminster, London, UK

Baker Street girls are very famous for its connection with Sherlock Holmes.

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