10 Reasons You Are Dreaming About Your Ex

Letting go of someone with whom you’ve shared goals and aspirations can be devastating. The end of a relationship can make you feel as though you have been hit by a car. Where did all the plans go? What about the promises you made to each other? What if you use the best services of elite London escorts to get rid of the pain?

After a break up you may feel inadequate and insecure about yourself.  You try so hard to move on, but your girl suddenly appears in your dream one night. The pain comes back with full force, leading to another cycle of torment and anger.

Pleasant and Painful

Dreaming about your ex can be pleasant while sleeping, just like your time with VIP girls 24/7,  but after waking from dreamland, you discover it’s just your imagination. You’ve deleted their contact and photos from your laptop and phone, so where else can they possibly find you?

One thing to know is that dreaming about an ex-lover is not completely terrible. I understand that the pain of rejection can be so intense and confusing, but dreaming about your high-class ex might be a pointer to something else that is not right.

So, instead of focusing on the bad side of things, be sensitive to the message this dream is trying to give you about your babe.

Some exes are more deeply connected to you than you think. Maybe, it wasn’t until they left that you realized how close you were. However, it’s too late to make amends, especially if your busty girl has made up her mind.

Before you pick up the phone to call your ex after dreaming about them, there are certain things to consider. The dreams don’t mean your ex is your soulmate, and they don’t mean you want them back. Surprisingly, the dreams may not have anything to do with your ex at all, but they can destroy your nightlife.

Keep in mind that dreams are not random. Each of your dreams points to what you’ve been through, and they carry several meanings.

If you’ve been wondering why your ex babe keeps showing up in your dreams, here are 10 possible reasons:

  1. Someone or Something Reminded You of Them

Something as small as a fragrance or a designer shoe can remind you of your ex. Maybe you saw someone from elite London escorts who walks like them or has the same posture as them. It’s enough to bring back old memories.

While thinking about your ex babe throughout the day, they may appear in your dreams because they have been on your mind. These thoughts unlocked a dormant memory of them while you slept.

  1. There’s an Emptiness in Your Life

It’s possible that your ex filled a void in your life that high-class friends, family, and your current female partner cannot. After trying to fill that emptiness, like adding new friends to your nightlife, without results, you might begin to miss them and then dream.

Sometimes, a location change is a reason for the break-up, not because of lack of love or an argument.

  1. Someone Treated You the Way Your Ex Did

Negative feelings are usually associated with an ex. Let’s assume your ex always made an insensitive comment about your weight, and then your co-worker says the same. Though you didn’t take it seriously at that time, there’s a chance you’ll dream about your ex. The reason is that they remind you of the inappropriate comment made by your co-worker. That’s the way your mind deals with those feelings you didn’t take seriously during the day.

  1. Some Feelings are Still Unresolved

Dreaming of your ex doesn’t necessarily mean you are still in love with your babe or desperately need to get back with them. Dreaming about your ex can mean that you didn’t like how things ended, and you want to make amends. It can also mean you are trying hard in your mind to get past the way the relationship ended. Continuously thinking about issues like this can make you have dreams about them.

  1. You Miss Them

Even though you keep telling yourself that you’ve moved on and now enjoy your life with elite London escorts, it may not be the case. Some feelings don’t fade away quickly, or even after a long time.

In fact, you may still miss your female partner even after they hurt you to the core. Constantly thinking about them may cause you to see them in your dreams.

Remember that there was a reason you broke up, and it’s time to let go of the past.

  1. Something is Making You Feel Stressed

An ex showing up in your dream could be a sign that you are not happy about something else. It may be your job, your health, or your family. Or the stress of not being able to attend to your new nightlife. As long as this issue remains in your life, you’ll continue to see your ex in dreamland.

Make an effort to deal with whatever is dragging you down and making you unhappy. And if you can’t figure it out straight away, take the time to think more deeply, and you’ll see what’s making you stressed.

  1. Forgiving Them is Difficult

It may be hard to forgive someone who broke your heart to smithereens after trusting them. If you find it hard to forgive your ex, the dreams about them may be your mind’s way of making forgiveness possible.

It might be a sign that you need to settle whatever issues you have with them. Forgiveness is hard, but if you take that bold step, not for them, but yourself, your ex may leave your dreams. Move on and make some high-class busty girl your 24/7 companion and have some great nightlife.

  1. Someone Loves You, but You Are Scared

Years after getting over a relationship, you may still be afraid to move on. Break-ups hurt so much and can cause a loss of interest in new relationships. Remember, but that individuals are different. But, if you notice the individual who shows interest in you has the same personality traits as your ex, your dreams may be sending you a message. Either you have to draw their attention to the things you don’t like, or walk away before it’s too late.

  1. You are Not Happy in Your New Relationship

There may be times when you compare some elite London escorts with your current female partner and notice remarkable differences. Other times, you may not notice anything but feel something is not right.

In this case, the dream reveals to you what you do not see clearly. Talk to your female partner about this.

  1. You are Feeling Lonely

No matter how terrible you feel about your busty girlfriend and past relationships, don’t let it stop you from having fun and meeting new people. Being stuck while waiting for your ex to come back can deprive you of the joy that others have to offer.

Loneliness can make you dream about the times you had with your ex, especially when you think about them every night before sleeping.