4 Best Tips For A Memorable Valentines Day Girls Night

Do you girls remember what it was like back being single, when Valentine’s Day was just a giant reminder that you were not in a relationship and were destined to spend the night alone watching a movie? Or the times when you had an ideal partner who would go extra lengths to make this day special for you. But you were just not the typical Valentine’s Day type of girl like elite Russian escorts Although you loved his efforts, you would cringe all day long only to wish the day to be over sooner. Well, I think it is high time to switch things up and take control of the Valentine’s Day blues…and I have got just the solution – a girl’s night party – a Galentine’s Day!! Here we are, with 4 easy tips to make the most out of this Valentine’s day girls night without going ugh. Read on!


The foremost rule of this sensational night must be “strictly no rules and no mobile phones”. So start with the desserts or not, do whatever you like. The only thing you need to weigh up is that you store a ton of various desserts like sweets, chocolates, ice creams. And the quantity should be such that you do not have to interrupt your party in between to order extra desserts. No elite Russian escorts in this world don’t like desserts, chocolates and ice creams.  Give yourself a break from all the worries and bring out your inner child. Start with your preferred ice cream and end the night with a chocolate of your choice! Do not think that you are going to add some extra calories. Just let yourself free to enjoy every moment. The simple motive is to make wonderful everlasting memories.


Pop that bottle of champagne or go for that wine. It is your night with your girlfriends, and there is no better reason to let yourself drown in enjoyment rather than worldly affairs (for once). Remember to keep enough quantity. Also, take care of everybody’s choices into account. None of your friends should feel left out or out of place. Also, take note of allergies if any of your friends are affected. Speak to them beforehand and arrange the beverages accordingly. We know for a fact that there will at least be one friend who will raise the toast with a bottle of soda. Forget that there is any tomorrow if you want to get drunk. Drinks should be enough so that elite Russian escorts can drink to their heart’s content, get drunk and enjoy the night out fully.


Plan out the night with a few fun-filled activities with the high class girl. Then again, bear in mind what your friends like and dislike. Plan games out of things they do not like but make sure not to hurt anybody’s sentiments. There is a very fine line between humour and mockery. Since you are the host, you would want to make sure that none of your friends leaves with a bitter memory.

Here are some ideas to exhilarate your Valentine’s day and night. The first common and popular activity that can be done 24/7 is a face mask party and gossips (lots & lots of it). Blondes love this more than anything else.  The next thing that your friends will love is nail-painting and Netflix. What else can be a better way to spend your time. Another exciting activity is dancing your soul out with a wild playlist. This can be followed by drinking games like – Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever. Then there are evergreen old school games like – chit pick and surprises. Girls will remember the night for a long time and so it should be the best entertainment night for them. Play some games, watch a movie together and just enjoy a good time with your girl gang.

Dreamy ambience

A relaxed pace plays a vital role in setting up the vibe for each of the female partners. So make sure that you make the place happening and enticing. Use fairy lights, throw cushions, and bright sheets to make the place enchanting. But, of course, you can also plan to put some props to elevate the thrill. With your friends, you can build a fake mini tent out of bedsheets to comfortably snuggle in once the aura starts to settle down a little. Then, eat your favourite food and sit in that awesome silence to listen to your heart fluttering with joy. You can also plan the ambience according to some theme. Ask everyone to come dressed according to the theme. And after some time, you can get into your night suits and enjoy the rest of the night. Try ordering dishes of multiple cuisines so you can happily enjoy a little bit of everything.

It is not just about wild partying, right. Simply lying down like a busty to have a heart to heart is equally mandatory. Share your stories, experiences, rants and what not – pour your heart out and empty yourself of all the worries and tensions before sleep finally hugs all of you. We are sure that sleep would be immensely peaceful and beautiful. But when you are in a mood to party, sleep sometimes does not matter. It is because you do not meet your gang too often and everyone keeps busy. So when all of the gang is together, there is so much to talk and share that no one would want to sleep and lose on the gossip from their friend’s lives.


Too often, we abandon our female partners whenever a guy gets into the picture. But our girlfriends are the only ones who are always there 24/7 when things do not work out or get ugly. We have only got one life to live, so why not prioritise our girlfriends, celebrate our lady friendships and enjoy your own company! Call them over to your place for the night out and let them have a blasting time. Plan this night in such a way that it becomes a night to remember and your friends want to celebrate such nights more often. We bet with these ideas; you would not want the night to end. Make sure to add a silly surprise or a funny costume to make the night even more exciting; after all, there are no rules, right?!