5 new Ways to Break Up With a Man

Most elite London escorts find it difficult to end a relationship. This frequently happens, especially among naughty girls who meet millionaires without any personality.

They are VIP but not funny, and neither do they inspire confidence that the future will be a happy one. Sometimes, you might meet a man for the first time and automatically know that there is no future together. So how do you break up with such a man without having to be rude?

5 Ways to Break up With a Man Without Been Rude

1. Sign Your Married Name on His Napkin

Any elite London escorts that happens to go on a blind date looking for love and all you see is a timid man that does not inspire confidence; then you have to dump him. However, if you are the kind of model who finds it hard to break a man’s heart, then try signing your married name on his napkin.

He will go like Argh, “Are you married?”

“No, I just thought your name would look nice on me.”

Trust me when I tell you that no man wants to be dragged into marriage during the first date.

2. Make Sure You Want a Breakup

Before you decide to break up with your 3-year escort partner, make sure you are psychologically prepared to do it. Ask yourself questions like why you need the relationship to break. Is it because young escorts are at different stages in life, or is it because you think things are going too fast? If you still can not find a solution or why the relationship should not break, then break his iPhone twice. He will leave without any qualms.

3 Breakup in Person

When an elite Park Lane call girl wants to break up with your sugar daddy partner, do it in person and not via email or text. Yes, you can do it via a text message, but if you had a relationship that lasted more than 3 months, then you need to show him the respect he deserves. Once you meet him, let him know why you can no longer be in the relationship. The rule of the game is always to be straight to the point without any insults.

4. Tell Him you Need a Monthly Upkeep

If your man still insists that you be his permanent 24/7 girlfriend, then ask for a monthly paycheck. You should ask for an amount that you are 100% sure he will not afford to pay, and even if he pays it, he will struggle to make future payments. This way, if he is still insisting you become his exclusive sex model, then he pays for it.

5. Ghost Him

If you meet your high class Park Lane escort client for the first time and you do not like his vibe, then you can ghost him. Ghosting is a way of cutting off communication with a man without any explanation whatsoever. It might not be polite but hey, if you have to go, then you have to go!