5 Period Sex Tips for Call Girls!

When Mayfair escort models, 24/7, have their period, they are forced to go on a break. This means that for the next 5-7 days, they miss out on opportunities to make money. However, many girls can still have sex while having their period. It is not as bad as people want you to believe. We no longer live in the dark ages where the church would burn you alive in the public square.

When inviting a rich client over, it is important to notify him that you have your period. This way, if he does not have a problem with period sex, he will pay for it.

5 Period Sex Tips

1. Talk to Your Client

It is only fair to let your client know that you have your monthly period. Some of the questions that elite London escorts should ask clients include: Have you ever tried? Are you willing to try it? However, never try to persuade a client to test it if they are not into it.

2. Use a Disc

Elite London escorts know that a menstrual disk is a product that allows women to have clients during their period. Unlike a pad that requires removal, a menstrual disc is inserted and cannot be felt by your partner. You can use disc for more than 12 hours without having to remove it. Your top client will not even feel it and might not know that you have it.

3. Be Creative

Just because high class city girls have their monthly period does not mean their escorting business has to stop. Naughty call girls can decide to be creative and design a service package for clients who may not want anything too naughty. For example, offer an erotic massage or hugs and cuddles. This way, the client will not even know that you are having your period.

4. Use a Dark Towel

Not all clients are comfortable seeing a mess on a white sheet; most men prefer not to see that. To avoid disappointing your client, ensure that you use a black towel.

5. Take Control

Contrary to popular belief, hot blondes can get pregnant if they have fun during their period. One reason is that sperm can live inside you for more than five days. If an escort has an irregular menstrual cycle, it becomes difficult to know which stage you are in. Avoid unwanted pregnancies and crying babies nine months down the line; make sure you wrap it up!

To all high class Park Lane models, 24/7, make sure you protect your self by wearing a condom.