Affordable Horse Riding Lessons by Experienced Girls

Top thoroughbred horses are loved by elite London escorts for many reasons. Before cars were conventional, horses were a popular transportation method to carry goods or people to different places. Cars and other means of transport are now norm, and horses are no longer commonplace.

Russian escort girls keep horses mainly for recreational purposes. If you want to ride a top-class horse, you will need to learn how. But lessons can be very expensive.

An Affordable Service

Claire is a 27-year-old elite London escort that works with the agency PalaceVIP. One of her favourite hobbies is horse riding and horses in general. She has a mare of her own, stabled on the outskirts of the city. “It’s not much of a problem getting out to see my beautiful horse. I go once or twice every week,” said Claire.

“The cost is a problem for me as the stable prices are very high. Even on the outskirts of the city.I was considering having to let her go to another adult business owner, I know. One that could afford to keep her until I had an idea that would help,” she said.

Affordable Lessons

“I realized the cost of lessons can be expensive. And some horse-loving models struggle to afford them. So I thought that I’d offer affordable lessons. This would help me cover the costs of the stables. I had a great response, and now I travel out to the stables when I can give lessons,” she added. “My call girlfriends are helping support horses too,: said Claire.

“It can be tiring at times, but I’m doing something that I love, so it’s well worth it. Paying for the stables is now a lot easier for me as well,” Claire told us.

Finding a Great Deal

Claire loves to be thought of as one of the top Mayfair escort girls from the city. She also enjoys the reputation of being the only true horse lover. She is looking for support in paying stabling costs by finding others who are willing to help her give lessons, and other services at affordable rates.

You might not get the VIP facilities and equipment that other established horse-riding schools will be able to offer, but you will at least understand what you need to be able to learn to ride and at an affordable cost.

Thanks to the naughty companion Claire, lots of high class city models can now take horse-riding lessons 24/7 when they may not have had an opportunity before.