All You Need to Know About Platonic Friendship

Social support from a partner, family members, and friends is integral to our well-being. Platonic friendship can be deep and powerful. Friends can play the role of the family in our lives. Finding the right partner without liabilities for a platonic relationship is not easy. High-class London escorts 24/7 is one option where you have no relationship liability, yet you are treated like a VIP.

Unlike romantic relationships, a platonic friendship doesn’t come with expectations of marriage. It’s the kind of relationship that happens because you love and enjoy your friend’s company. The way you enjoy the escort service, a platonic relationship gives you the freedom of leading your own life without guilt.

Whether you are ‘besties’ with a guy or lady, these are the basic things you need to know about maintaining platonic friendships. To get top treatment from a busty girl, you need to reciprocate without any expectations.

What a Platonic Friendship Means

In simple terms, a platonic relationship is an intimate but non-physical relationship. It’s a ‘no-strings- attached’ relationship. There are no expectations of physical intimacy from either partner because they love each other’s company. And most of the time, it is just love and devotion.

Communication, respect, and trust from both parties are the bedrock of a platonic relationship. Without these qualities, or if it’s one-sided, the friendship will collapse. It demands a level of respect and mutual understanding.

There’s a thin line between a romantic friendship and a platonic escorting friendship, but the latter doesn’t have any physical intimate interests. Sometimes, emotions take their course in the platonic friendship, which, if not reciprocated, can lead to heartbreak. Either way, a strong association with a blonde who is a high-class London escorts 24/7 call girl can give you bliss in your life that you cannot really find in a platonic relationship.

Understand that once there is mutual physical attraction in your friendship, it is no longer platonic. It can be a simple love affair or pure escorting companionship.

Is Your Friendship Platonic Or Not?

Several factors work together as you move from being just a friend to a platonic partner. These factors include vulnerability, trust, time, communication, and affection. There’s a deep connection between you and your friend that is unexplainable.

At some stage, you may start to introduce a friend to other parts of your life. You may have a new busty neighbour. You don’t know her well, and she doesn’t know you at all, either. But you wave at her when you see her passing. You might have many babes in your life, but you always love seeing your new busty neighbour.

After a while, you invite her for Friday night games, talk about deep life issues, and visit each other regularly. You enjoy the company of this escorting companion, and she becomes part of your routine nightlife.  That’s how a platonic friendship begins. When I was in the UK capital, I had a similar relationship with a top girl. It was purely platonic.

Do Physical Relationships Affect Platonic Friendships?

As emotions begin to grow between you and your ‘bestie’, there’s a chance that a physical relationship might evolve. Now, this is where things between you guys may get complicated.

There are two options regarding physical relationships in a platonic friendship. It’s either that friendship crosses over to a romantic relationship, or the friendship goes down the drain. Unlike escort services, platonic companions have an obligation towards each other to respect limits.

If you’ve been friends with them for a long time, have several things in common and feel the same way about each other, that’s good. However, if they see you as a friend, you might feel used and angry after physical intimacy.

Physical intimacy before a friendship develops, sends mixed signals, which may ruin a potential long-term relationship. You have to understand that you need to give enough space to your partner as a platonic partner. This relationship is not like high-class London escorts, where you go to relax, enjoy the nightlife and come back without any liability or obligation.

Get to know people on a deeper level. Creating meaningful friendships is the best foundation for a long-term relationship.

On the other hand, engaging in sex a few days after meeting with someone is a recipe for disaster in your friendship. Although some may work out well,  only a few do.

Never make the mistake of putting the cart before the horse if you are willing to make your platonic escort friendship last long.

Are there Boundaries in Platonic Friendships?

All healthy relationships require boundaries to thrive and succeed. Boundaries in platonic friendships are a great idea.

For instance, sex should not be encouraged in this type of friendship. One or both of you can get hurt. If you start to develop romantic feelings towards your friend, tell them how you feel and work things out.

Boundaries include respecting your friend’s opinions. Not everyone thinks and acts the way you do. And to sustain a friendship, you need to see things from their point of view.

Respecting your friend’s privacy is another boundary in platonic friendships. Some people value their privacy, and they want you to do the same. Avoid going through their phones and laptops if they don’t want you to. It shows you value your friendship with them.

Creating boundaries in your platonic friendships will go a long way in preserving the relationship.

Is Platonic Friendship Necessary While In a Relationship?

Research shows that having a strong network of friends protects your romantic relationship. No one plans for a break-up or divorce, but your friends may help you get over the situation faster if this happens.

Many high-class London escorts make one common mistake: they neglect their close friends and family while in a serious relationship.

Friends and family provide support, connection, encouragement, and communication when things go south. Friends and family let you know when they feel the person you are going out with is not for you.

Moreover, if your partner advises you to stop relating with friends, that’s a warning sign that can destroy your nightlife and association with your other women companions.

Can Platonic Friendships Destroy a Romantic Relationship?

Absolutely! It happens all the time. When you start to give your friends more VIP attention than your sexy partner, it could ruin your relationship. Bear in mind that friends offer support and encouragement, but they can’t take the place of your partner.

Platonic relationships are like escorting. You stay with them because you like the company, but at the same time, you do not get cut off from society. Enjoying sexy blondes is bliss, but at the same time, you will need friends, family, and other people.

How To Make A Platonic Friendship Work

Family, school, work, and career may create a gap between you and your friends. But set apart time to meet with them.

Friendships require mutual effort from you and your friends to thrive. It’s like planting a seed, watering it regularly, and giving it VIP treatment to get good results. We can compare platonic friendship as two people carrying a heavy load together. The moment one of the two removes their hand, the load crashes to the ground.