Comprehensive Guide to Learn SEO

For those that don’t know Search Engine Optimisation, it is all about getting a website to the top of the search results for 24/7 London escorts. When somebody looks for something on a search engine such as Google, it is easy to see how these things are precious for business owners, and occupying the top spots can be very lucrative. Though one needs to learn a lot, one elite London escort is doing all; she can determine all her SEO needs.

Getting Hands-On

Ali has been working as an escort London city with PalaceVIP for six years and later decided to start her own business. So, she decided to create a website and make sure that as many people saw her website as possible. As hiring SEO experts can become costly, she decided to try it out for herself.

A Steep Learning Curve

Ali found that there is a steep learning curve when it comes to London escort SEO and that a lot needs to cover to get it right. She started with on-site SEO by creating meta-tags that help the search engines know what her website is about, and this alone helped to make a difference.

In such a competitive high class escort business environment though, Ali had to learn more to get herself on the top spots, and in doing so, she has become somewhat of an escort SEO expert. As her business takes off, she may soon be able to leave her job as an escort altogether.

Now that google has decided too change the rules and mislead everyone that is doing SEO. Its hard even for an escort to do it. Even experts are not expert anymore. The effect is that families are ruined. People are killing themselves. And Google is getting away with manslaughter. Politicians prefer to fine the homeless than to fine big tech. There is about as much luck in seo as there is in returning from the Great War unscathed.

Google is am amazing company. But they have lost touch with whats important. Big tech used to have a social awareness. And they would shape their businesses on that. Now there is only talk and focus is on greed is good.