David shared some key things to keep in mind

Hi, I am David. I am a male escort and giving my services to male high class London escorts and clients for ten years. I have well oriented social media accounts where I get thousands of queries for successful freelance companionship. Due to my busy schedule, I could not manage time to answer everyone individually. So I am here today to answer all the questions being asked. I hope through this article, it will be easy for you to figure out whether you should join a companion for hire services or not.

How much money one can make:

First of all, I suggest all of you find your interest. Its God-given instincts you have to identify that you have an interest in man or women. Services for Both genders have equal opportunities for making money. I am gay and providing services to males. If you are doubtful about you, make a start. You will figure out after your first meeting how you feel. Listen to your heart, honestly. Did you enjoy it or not? Are you feeling comfortable and relaxed? If yes, then go for it. Everything that you feel like a burden, you cannot stick to it for a long time. Your best interest will lead you to the best service and more earning.

Your stage name is your brand name:

Decide your stage name wisely and stick to it throughout your career .my stage name is DAVID-SF. High class London escorts will recognize you by your stage name. You have built a social media account with the same name. Make it so popular that people know you by your name. Advertisement is like the backbone of every business. The same goes for London girls. Do not hesitate to invest money in the ad. It will pay off in the long run. Be socially active and use your stage name as much as you can.

How to win the hearts:

You are in a business where you do not know whom you will encounter in your next meeting. Some clients are old, obese disabled, and fearful married or divorced. Some are in a toxic relationship that made them mentally sick. Although those cases are not easy to handle, you can give your best by being generous and take out good out of all bad. Make them feel comfortable with you. Listen to them and make them feel like you are not here only to fulfil their sexual needs, but they can open their heart to them to feel good with elite 24/7 escorts.

Avoid lame excuses:

If you are given a task that you do not want to do, make a conversation. Do not do it if you can’t do it in the right way. A limpid excuse or refusal will be ok. If a high class client demands some out of boundaries you have set while making a deal. You can refuse in a gentle way like you can say. Sorry, I think I am not good at these services. You can hire another escort for this, or I will compensate for money for not giving you these services.  

Best of luck, guys!