Flirting Rules Every Singles & Married Woman Should Know

High class escorts know that flirting is the perfect way to make someone feel needed, whether single, in a relationship, or married. It is not easy for everyone. Even the most confident people find it difficult to say “hey” when they see their crush approaching. If you are a married London based 24/7 brunette call girl trying to attract new clients, then this article is written for you.

Flirting is an essential part of dating, especially for married women in this business. Flirting is also necessary for a long-lasting relationship.

7 Flirting Rules Every Single Woman Should Know

1. Make Eye Contact

If elite London escorts are trying to pick up a man, eye contact is vital. It is one of the most straightforward techniques to show interest. Looking at someone is a great way to let him know that you are not only interested in him but would want to take the relationship further.

2. Make Compliments

Giving a genuine compliment to a 24/7 park lane call girl is all about getting real about how you feel about them. From their look, personality, and outfit. When it comes to initial flirting, be careful not to over-compliment to a point where you look desperate.

As a married girl, it is essential never to stop paying attention and giving compliments to your husband or clients. Tell him how handsome he looks when brushing his teeth, cleaning his car, or leaving for work.

3.Be Playful

As married busty models, you do not want your relationship to fade away. Flirt with your man once in a while by playing silly little games that will make you bond. Tell him jokes about your job and make fun of him. However, be careful it does not become out a criticism.

4.Ask For a Date

As a married working girl, be the one to plan for a date rather than having your husband prepare it for you. Ask your husband what he is up to and ask him to wear his most expensive suit because you are going out on a date!

5. Use Your Body

Elite London escorts body language means touching your hair, exposing your neck, and sometimes leaning close to him. You can go a step further and cuddle and if he has a beard, feel them a little and commend how good they make you think.

6. Get to Know Him More

The easiest way to do this is to talk about his job and how his day has been. Other high class park lane models’ conversations may center around his VIP hobbies and interests.

7.Buy Him Drinks

This time around, you are buying drinks for your target client. Other Park Lane girls are used to being accepted for drinks, but you must be an exception. Go to the client and say something like “Hey, I think you are handsome. Can I buy you a drink?”

Bottom Line.

As a married woman in the game, you must not let your guard down. If you can flirt with elite Mayfair escort clients, then you will make a lot of money without the clients knowing that you are their target.