Getting Your Possessions

The Elite London escorts top girls are frequently travelling around the world. Now it is easier than it ever has been, with jetliners becoming increasingly efficient and, therefore, more affordable. Travel times have also decreased, making long-distance travel more efficient and you can find yourself in some other countries in just a couple of hours or so. Holidays far away are commonplace to those top call girls that can afford it, and escort business trips to other countries are also the norm for many of them.

Many high class Busty VIP models also choose to move away on a more permanent basis, and you will find British girls living all over the world. Whether it is for work, to be with a partner or just because they like their host country, many take root in their new home to go nowhere. If you are moving to another country, what to do with all your possessions back home? You could choose to sell them, which will help raise cash, or if you have emotional attachments to them, you might want to have them sent to you, but how?

By Courier.

Small items are easy to transport. High class Park Lane escort girls can have an item back home that you want to be sent to you. And it is small enough; you can have it sent to you by courier. It should generally be with you within 24 hours or so. The biggest couriers have extensive international networks. Your item will be with you quickly and to all but the most remote locations on earth. Just have somebody send the thing for you, and it will be with you as soon as possible. You can even arrange to have it shipped from door to door.


For the elite, London escorts 24/7, larger items that are too big for a courier. You could consider having them sent by air-freight. You will need to contact a air-freight company yourself. It will take more planning and organisation than through a courier. But your items should at least be with you in a reasonable time. You will also likely need to go to the destination airport to collect the details. You have to pay a customs fee on the items.

Renting some space on an air-freighter is among the more expensive options. And it is known by those who need the items quickly and can afford the extra cost.


Haulage companies can drive the elite London escorts possessions to wherever you want them to by lorry. Of course, you will need to rent the truck and the driver. Both of which can become quite costly. It is a reasonably fast and efficient way of having your possessions delivered. You can also have the lorry deliver direct to your door, saving you the hassle of having to go to customs yourself.

Being locked away on a trailer on a bumpy road can take its toll. It is important to pack carefully to help prevent damage. If you have any delicate items to move, then a haulage company might not be the best option.


Without a doubt, the most common method of having a lot of items transported far away is by sea. It may well take considerably longer than other methods. It is one of the most reliable and certainly one of the most affordable. Most busty VIP Mayfair call girls will probably need to make arrangements to collect their goods. This will be at the harbour and, again, they should expect to pay some customs fees. The usually lower cost of sea-freight makes it the preferred choice for most people.

Most of the VIP Mayfair call girls of PalaceVIP have a lot of luggage and consider various options when travelling. Perhaps the most critical item as bags by sea and the lighter ones on the flight. A combination of the multiple options is probably the best way to go anywhere.