Girls encouraging everybody to check their tyres

High-quality tires are essential where road safety is concerned, as worn tires could easily cause an accident. The law has become increasingly stringent about tire safety over the years, but too many accidents occur.

One way to help prevent accidents caused by unsafe tires is to spread awareness of the dangers they can pose. Some elite London escorts have made it a personal mission to spread awareness about worn tires to prevent as many accidents as possible.

A Personal Motive

Jenny, a hot babe, who works for an agency as one of their elite London escorts, lost her sister because of a fatal road accident several years ago. The authorities found worn tires caused the accident in her car, which caused her to lose control of her vehicle.

“My sister and I were very close, so it was challenging for me to lose her,”, said Jenny. “Now I think that if I can use her example to try and prevent accidents and save more lives of high class babes, then maybe she didn’t die for nothing,” Jenny added. “If I manage to save one life, then I think my efforts will be well worth it,”, she concluded.

Stay on the Safe Side says, Jenny.

Sometimes, you are not sure whether or not your tires are safe for driving. It is highly advisable to walk or use a different vehicle instead, especially in adverse weather conditions 24/7. After all, the cost of new tires is a small price to pay in comparison to life. VIP Park Lane party girl Jenny checks her tires every day. She feels safe that way.

Lesson Learned

Jenny learned her lesson the hard way. She was traveling on a long-distance visit to a client and decided to drive. She was in a hurry and forgot to make sure that her tires were low, and she forgot that her spare tire was also needing repair. After about 20 miles away from her home, she got a flat. She went to the boot for the spare, and she saw it was bad too. It was raining, and it was 3 am. She had to wait 4 hours for someone to stop and help her. And she missed her booking with the client.

Jenny will never make that mistake again.