Great tips to plan a micro wedding with less efforts

The latest buzz today is about micro weddings – the new cool in the market these days! It was an unsung hero but became popular due to the pressure of Covid-19, and gradually, people started preferring and enjoying the tranquillity and fringe benefits of a micro wedding. Elite Russian escorts love the experience a micro wedding brings to the table. That too without having to go through the hustle of planning for the happiness of numerous guests while ending up miserable themselves on their wedding day. So if you are about to plan your wedding this year, or maybe soon, we are here to your rescue! This article will discuss all the essential tips you need to keep in mind 24/7 while strategizing your special wedding.

What is Micro Wedding Anyway?

A micro wedding involves about 25-40 people and is an exceptionally intimate affair. Some people tend to confuse micro weddings and elopements. But, unlike elopements, these small weddings usually follow a more standard “wedding day-of timeline”. The best part is that these types of weddings are inexpensive and easy to manage. That saves money and time that is always appreciated by elite Russian escorts. More people are opting for micro weddings and it will soon become a common phenomenon. Your partner will be happy with such arrangements as it is quick and does not involve too many people. Only the best friends and close relatives are invited. 

Why Micro Wedding?

You do not need a reason until you love to go all overboard and filmy on your wedding day. In other types of common weddings usually, both the partners spend their full day in various activities. But with the micro weddings, both have ample time to spend with the people they love.  Therefore, quality time for the people invited is the most relevant aspect of such marriages. And then there is budget flexibility that helps the couple to get married in 10 times less amount than normal marriage.  And when there is ample time and few people the wedding and the reception become intimate and involving like elite Russian escorts. 

Your female partner goes back home in the evening without being stressed. And thus the couple has enough energy and time to spend together on this special day.  The main reason why there is no stress is that there are limited things to do or arrange for the wedding. Thus you don’t have to be stressed on smaller details. A micro wedding can be perfectly planned in just a few hours. At the end of the day, a properly accomplished wedding will give you peace of mind. And it will become a moment that you can cherish for the rest of your life. To help you in planning your micro wedding we have listed some of the best tips that will help you.


Plan out a budget you want to keep for your wedding. First, list down all the things that may require monetary expense. Remember, you are planning a micro wedding. Therefore, keep your list limited. Then, discuss it with your busty about what she may have in mind. Also, understand if either of your families is making any contribution. Whatever final budget for the wedding you conclude, make sure you always keep a few extra bucks just in case an emergency requires immediate action. You should always be prepared 24/7 for any sudden change in the plan. 

Be extremely selective about the guest. First, prepare a draft list individually, then finalize the list with your blonde. Before you mark the final list, ensure that you speak to the people on the list to confirm their presence. If not available, you can replace them with other guests. Remember that you can only invite a maximum of 50 people, so aim for around 40 people. Also, decide the invitation mode if it will be an online video call, an email invitation, or a personal card.

Venue & Aesthetics

Deciding on the venue is an equally important decision. But, again, you have a lot of options in hand according to your preference and budget. Do take few risks and let your imagination flow. After all, you get married only once. Do not simply settle for a plain boring conventional wedding.  Get your high class girl involved in selecting a venue. Keep your ideas on the table, however silly they may be. Then, select the dresses, theme, and aesthetics accordingly. There is no point in single-handedly managing everything and rushing throughout your wedding. Instead, remove some burden off your chest to enjoy your wedding day. Create an entirely separate list of must-have people to assist you in various fields like wedding vendors or event managers, caterers, photographers, and makeup artists.

Food and Entertainment

According to your guest list, plan out your drinks and food menu. Do not stick to only one kind of beverage; keep at least one alternative. In the case of kids, keep something on a lighter scale, like juices or sodas. Your food menu should not be too fancy that your busty find it difficult to appreciate. Start with an appetizer, continue to the main course and end it with a dessert. Also, take a note if any of your guests have any allergies to specific food items.

While it is a big day for you and your blonde, your loved ones would also love to feel a bit special. Another advantage of a micro wedding is that you do not have to make anything too grand. A simple trick of magicians, fireworks, a curated music list, and dance is enough to add the required magical spark. With everything rightly managed, you need not worry at all. All you have to do now is wear your best dresses, smile and walk down the aisle to your partner to start your forever after!

Final Words

Whether you and your high class girl are not huge fans of crowds or are handling a smaller budget, or prefer the aura of a close-knit event, a micro wedding would most probably be the ultimate route for you to consider. We know it is not easy to decide on postponing or cancelling your 100+ person wedding, and that is where this article comes into the picture. So take a leap of faith, plan the spectacular micro wedding of your dreams and seal the deal. Do not forget to invite us though!