Model giving carpentry lessons

Since ages, carpentry is linking with the masculine job, and it is probably fair to say that if you do meet a professional carpenter, it is likely to be a man. That does not mean that it is a trade that is open exclusively to men though as women can also become a skilled and qualified carpenter if they so wish.

There is no reason why a woman cannot become just as good as a man at carpentry if they want to, and many do make a perfect living from it. One elite London escorts is incredibly talented at carpentry and is even offering advice in and around the city area. Such is her confidence in her woodworking skill that she is also considering opening a high-class carpentry business of her own.

A Nurtured Passion.

High class Mayfair escort Kelly, who is 24 years old, has always had a talent for creating things with her bare hands and carpentry has become quite a passion for her. What she has learned is mostly self-taught, but still, Kelly has produced some incredible pieces of furniture, as well as making repairs around her home.

Such is the level of skill that Kelly has acquired; she is even helping other VIP call girls out with their carpentry needs and is giving advice on how to create beautiful furniture items.

“It’s something that I love to do, and I’m always happy when I am creating or repairing something”, Kelly said. “I am always happy to help out my elite London escorts friends whenever they need it”. “Escorts don’t always make much money which makes it difficult for us to afford repairs and maintenance, so I’m happy to help”. “I am currently making a much-needed chest of drawers for a friend, and it’s coming on nicely, I’m thrilled with it so far”, she added.

Free Lessons.

As well as helping other Chelsea girls with repairs and new furniture, Kelly also offers free lessons so her friends can learn to do some things for themselves. “While I am happy to help when I can, there are times when I am just too busy with other things”, she said.

“By showing them some basics, however, they hopefully won’t have to wait for too long for me to come and help”. “One of my friends has shown quite a knack for it, maybe in the not too distant future one of my call girl colleagues could even become my business partner in the carpentry industry”, she said.

“I have considered doing 24/7 business out of it as I think that I could sell some of my work for good money”, she continued. “I think soon that I will try to sell one or two items and see how that goes, then I can have a proper think about whether or not to go into business”. “Either way, I will certainly continue to enjoy helping out friends and family with their carpentry needs, it’s just great to be able to help other people out”, she concluded.

VIP 24/7 London escorts have learned that to get ahead, you just keep learning. Power comes from learning and knowledge more than from just owning money.