How to give an amazing night out.

Meeting with elite London escorts for the first time can be a very daunting thing. In many ways, it is just like a blind date, although you would likely have at least seen a photo of your Park Lane escort before you meet her. You might worry about whether you will like her, and you will worry about whether or not she likes you.

For some people, it can become quite a nerve-wracking experience. There are some tips to follow that can help a beautiful evening to go as smoothly as possible. Prepare yourself well, and the evening could go as smoothly as it possibly could.


It’s a good idea to have a glass of wine or two for settling the nerves when you first meet up can be a great idea. If you are planning on going to a VIP restaurant or maybe another high-class venue, consider meeting up in a pub first so that you can both have a drink or two before dinner.

Just remember to pace yourself. High class Park Lane babes can help you if you get too drunk too early. You could ruin the whole night, and few High class ladies are likely to enjoy the company of somebody drunk all night. Drinking too much could also ruin any meal that you are planning. Just take it easy. To begin with. You might want to start knocking them back together later in the evening if you are getting on well.

Treat The Lady to a Good Meal.

A good meal in a nice restaurant is always an excellent way to start an evening, especially with a VIP city girl. Everybody appreciates a good meal. Giving a new call girl date a treat is a great way to get off to a good start. A meal is also an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better. And it is an ideal opportunity to talk. After a meal, you both are fully fuelled up and ready for whatever you might have planned next.

Ask the Lady what she Enjoys Doing.

Well, your evening will be awkward if your elite Russian Mayfair companion is bored and generally not enjoying herself. The blonde city call girls might try to be polite and professional. And act as though she is enjoying herself, but most of the time, it is easy to tell otherwise.

You would like to go to another venue, and you are not sure if your naughty girl will enjoy herself. Then try asking the busty escort what she wants to do herself. Sometimes, you may have chosen an event or venue that does quite the opposite in trying too hard to impress.

Perhaps you thought that a drink in a casual pub might have been too informal. But for example, although that might be exactly what your date prefers to do. Ask the Lady what she prefers to do, and you could both end up having a great evening as friendly elite London escorts, together.