How to Turn on your partner without getting intimate

All partners think of impressing each other. Before getting into a relationship with high class city escorts, read these tips. You start liking your partner because of some things and behaviour. Not only busty women but men also want to attract their partners.

Let me tell you that some non-physical things of men turn women on. Here we have tried to mention the things of men that attract their female partners and turn their mood on. It may not be your partner‘s beautiful face or busty physique, but their some of their traits that you can get bowled over. As it says that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, you can find anyone beautiful and captivating without even going for their physical features. Many such things in a man’s personality can win over a woman forever. Physical beauty may not stay forever, but these traits and talents will live for long 24/7.

Trust in themselves

Women like men who believe in themselves and their confidence are seen in their talks and work. Men who take a stand for themselves are quite liked by high class city escorts. Women pay more attention to such men. When a man believes in himself and comes out as confident, it gives a clear sign to a woman that that guy is strong enough to take care of himself and any elite escort with him. Every woman seeks some protection 24/7 from their guy, and so the confident kind of guys are much liked by women.

Cooking Skills

In today’s time, cooking skills are no longer just for women. Now many men are also learning the qualities of cooking. Women like this thing very much. When women find a partner who feeds them delicious food made with their own hands, then they are unable to stop themselves from being attracted to them.

When a woman sees that a man does not feel shy to enter the kitchen and cook for her, she is sure to like this quality. This gives a hint to the woman that the man is not a chauvinist, and he does believe in equality. He will treat his girl as equal to him and not just consider himself always superior to her. Girls like this quality very much, and it sure turns them on.

Understanding Fashion

Boys who have a good understanding of fashion and style keep a good image not only in their workplace but also in personal life. Most women want their partners well dressed and confident in what they wear. Women like partners who know what kind of dressing should be done in an event. A dress reflects a man’s personality, and it can tell a lot of things about a man. When a man has a good understanding of fashion, he can keep up with the trends. Moreso, a fashion-conscious guy is always the centre of attraction. Women will not like that they should be the highlight and centre of any party and gettogether. When all the eyeballs are on a woman, just because of her fashionable guy, no woman can deny the spotlight. Women like this fashion trait in men, which turns them on.

Selection of fragrance

The fragrance of perfume or deodorant does not only attract the girls and women in television commercials, but in real life, also women love it. With good fragrance, his liking for that man increases, and sometimes good fragrance also helps to set the good mood.

The choice of fragrance also tells a lot about the taste the man has. Usually, tough and macho guys like to have strong-smelling perfumes. Many girls like their boyfriends to be macho-looking with a good physique. If with such a body one wears an appealing fragrance, will it not turn on a woman?

Respect Other Women

Guys who respect other women that work as an elite escort are always liked by all and especially other women. Guys that have good self-respect will know how to give respect to the other person. If a guy does not respect other women or people around him, he will have no respect for the woman with him he has a relationship. Only a person who respects others will show respect to the woman with him. Such men are always liked by women. This quality of men brings his female partner closer to him.

All the above-mentioned tips are useful to turn on your partner without getting too much intimate. But, always remember that a relationship always has two important aspects. Physical and psychological. And, both are equally important for a stronger, long-lasting relationship. Focusing on just one aspect will eventually destroy the love between the partners. The tips we mentioned above more or less focus on the physical part of any relationship. It needs to be mixed with the psychological part too. Try to understand what exactly your partner wants. Sometimes the partner just wants to have a romantic dinner where you can just talk about your past or future. There is no intention of getting intimate. You just make your partner feel like a VIP.


Mature couples know this very well. If you talk to any couple that has stayed in a healthy and long relationship, they will tell you the secrets. They had been working patiently to ensure that their relationship has enough time to deepen its roots. They gave it time, love and care to mature along with the time. And therefore, it was able to face any big or small traumas in life without any problem. You will find such couple calm and friendly and that is the secret. They treat each other like a VIP. They give space to each others’ aspirations and thoughts. And therefore, there is no conflict of priorities or interest between them. They are always turned on in each other’s company.